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Centric is guided by the same “customer-first” philosophy that has guided them since its inception more than 30 years ago. Their products are designed to meet a specific set of requirements. They focus on what you can do with technology rather than what technology can do.

In this article, we’ll talk about all you need to know about Centric Business Systems.

About Centric Business Systems

Centric Business Systems, Inc. is in the Professional and Commercial Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers industry and is based in Owings Mills, MD. The company employs 108 people across all of its sites and has a revenue of $67.03 million (USD).

It is an award-winning document management company that specializes in providing the most innovative hardware and software office technology. As one of the largest providers in the nation, Centric offers a full range of products from Sharp, Ricoh, and HP.

What Do They Offer

Hardware Services

Centric Business collaborates with the industry’s leading companies to provide cutting-edge technologies to their clients.

While the tools they offer are among the best in the market, it is their personnel that transforms basic machines into personalized powerhouses.

Additionally, Centric provides the hardware that businesses require to copy, print, fax, and scan. Multi-functional machines, sometimes known as copiers, are at the heart of every office setting. These stand-alone devices have drastically altered an organization’s operating operations. Our goods have evolved in tandem with the industry. We offer digital press technology, interactive whiteboards, scanners, and plotters in addition to classic copiers and printers.

They customize the optimum combination of hardware, software, and services to optimize productivity, transition to digital workflow, minimize operational costs, and improve organizational efficiencies based on a thorough review of an organization’s workflow.

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Hardware devices offered by Centric Business Systems

1. Multi-Function Devices / Copiers

Multi-functional devices, sometimes known as multi-function copiers or multi-function printers, copy, print, fax, and scan documents.

These devices are usually found in the heart of an office. Previously, businesses needed many devices to perform today’s gear’s four distinct functions. Multi-function gadgets save space, use less power, and offer convenience and flexibility in addition to their task-based efficiency. Combining four devices into one can often save a lot of money, especially when it comes to supplies and maintenance.

MFDs, or multi-function devices, come with a variety of options for tailoring the device’s capabilities to your company’s needs. They print color and black-and-white texts at speeds ranging from 20 to 80 pages per minute.

To see their Multi-Function Device lineup, click here.

2. Plotter / Wide Format

Plotters used to draw lines on paper using a pen, resulting in a graphic drawing. These gadgets, which are commonly used to produce a computer-aided design or CAD drawings, are the lifeblood of architecture, engineering, and construction organizations. Today’s wide format solutions can handle the plotter’s original purpose as well as a lot more!

Wide Format systems now have genuine multi-function capabilities, such as copying, printing, and scanning. Cut sheet technology is used to trim rolled paper lengths dependent on document needs. These machines have print widths up to 36″ wide.

These printers are ideal for printing maps, blueprints, signage, product renderings, and more on-demand and in-house. Instead of outsourcing, firms can easily print or scan updates when changes are needed. Wide Format printing and scanning options are offered in black and white or color. They can also be equipped with output stackers, eliminating the need to monitor huge copy or print jobs.

Take a look at all of Centric’s wide format options.

3. Production Print / Digital Press

Centric offers in-house digital press technology solutions that provide print shop quality productivity, increased flexibility, and simple-to-use applications. Their cut-sheet systems print at speeds ranging from 65 to 135 pages per minute, allowing for great volume output.

Making brochures, catalogs, flyers, and posters is only the start. The options are infinite with the inclusion of in-line and offline finishing solutions. Variable data printing integration allows you to personalize your materials. Our digital press technology, which is comparable to offset printing methods, produces excellent picture quality with resolutions up to 2,400 x 4,800 dpi.

Colors in your brand should be easily recognizable and expressive of your company. Our production solutions include color calibration tools to ensure that your brand colors are a perfect match and remain constant across all platforms.

Their digital press technology allows you to personalize your output with various media possibilities. In sizes up to 13x19a and weights up to 150lb cover, paper types such as textured, transparent, coated, or preprinted may be used.

Take a look at Ricoh’s Production Print / Digital Press lineup.

Take a look at Sharp’s Production Print / Digital Press lineup.

4. Interactive Whiteboard

Centric’s interactive whiteboards are fantastic additions to your company’s operations.

Their whiteboards have touch screen technology that allows numerous people to communicate simultaneously, providing an excellent collaboration experience. They can be wall-mounted or free-standing, giving them a wide range of applications and functions. Their whiteboards come in sizes ranging from 65″ to 85″ and can be used in various situations.

Its display’s touch screen technology makes interactive presentations, video conferencing, and interactive training a breeze.

Documents may be easily scanned into the whiteboard, and notes can be saved, shared, or printed from the tablet. Content on the screen can be seen and shared with users on computers, tablets, and smartphones via connectivity programs, offering an utterly participatory experience.

Take a look at all of Centric’s Interactive Whiteboard options

5. Printers

Despite the fact that multi-functional devices have become the most prevalent office equipment, many applications still require a stand-alone printer.

While many of Centric’s software solutions enable security and control over critical documents, many customers prefer to have their own personal printer. Centric has a variety of printers for these situations. These printers are the most up-to-date in print technology, with rates ranging from 20 to 75 pages per minute in color and black and white.

Their printers, like their MFDs, are designed to meet today’s security needs and typically include built-in security safeguards. Centric also provides hard disk erasure, removal, and destruction services to help enterprises comply with security laws.

Centric Business Systems

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Take a look at all of Centric’s Printer options

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Software Services Offered by Centric Business Systems

The benefits of Centric’s products go far beyond increased productivity. They assist firms in complying with security and compliance standards, achieving green initiative goals, and maintaining complete visibility over consumption, activity, and costs.

Software Offerings Include

1. Document Management

Use software that takes, saves, and controls electronic business documents to automate and streamline your paper-based procedures.

2. Cost Recovery

You can use this software to capture, track, and allocate all document output, you may become more efficient and save money.

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3. User Tracking

You can manage your company’s document output activity to save money, improve document security, and put sustainability first by using this software package.

4. Security

Centric’s security software is used to protect key documents, monitor user behavior, and give rigorous audit trails and history logs to improve your company’s security.

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Managed Services

Centric provides a variety of managed services to meet the specific needs of its customers. They created their applications to be adaptable, containing only the features that your company requires to run efficiently. Their professionals take care of everything, including cutting costs, improving performance, and providing you with peace of mind.

Centric’s Managed Services

1. Managed Print Services

A comprehensive document production solution that provides complete flexibility and cost management for your firm. We consider all supply and services, and we monitor volume and service quality on a regular basis. You simply pay for the prints you want, and you can control network printing and customized print jobs from your computer.

2. IT Services

Allow Centric to handle the IT Services for your document management solution. Their crew has in-depth knowledge of these devices and will expertly install and integrate them into your network environment.

3. Facilities Management

They’ll hire a staff to manage your hardware, software, integration, upgrades, productivity reports, and business changes from start to finish.

Centric Business Systems Salary

For those of you interested in building a career in Centric Business Systems, here’s a rundown of Centric Business Systems salaries across job positions as posted on Indeed.

Outside Sales$83,014 annually
Account Executive$78,781 annually
Account Representative$81,990 annually
Repair Technician$21.75 per hour
Territory Representative$62,465 annually
Executive Assistant$67,000 annually
Administrative Assistant$51,314 annually
Inventory Lead$39,950 annually
Warehouse Lead$16.41 per hour
Entry-level technician$16.35 per hour

You can click here for more information on the salaries of employees at Centric Business Systems.

Centric Business Systems Reviews From Users

Sinclair Broadcasting

“Centric is an extremely well-run operation from sales to customer service to forward-thinking technology solutions; they are a great partner to have in business!”

Merkle Inc.

“Centric takes great care to understand the details around our business processes and practices, and always presents a thorough, customized solution”.

Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson

“Centric Business Systems has been able to meet our business objectives and exceed our expectations”.

Girl Scouts of Central Maryland

“When we shared our vision for print and production equipment, Centric used a flexible approach to offering options that fit within our budget”.

International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers

“You would be hard-pressed to find another company in the industry that will work harder for you or with you to get the job done”.

Berkshire Hathaway

“Centric’s service, supply, and sales departments well exceed all expectations and keep our 65+ sales offices running”.


Centric’s management encourages employees to take ownership of every area of the client experience. Their teams are tasked with finding solutions that are typically overlooked, teaching customers in ways that are generally overlooked, and providing support in unexpected ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Centric Business Systems, Inc.’s headquarters?

Centric Business Systems, Inc.’s headquarters is located at 10702 Red Run Blvd Owings Mills, MD, 21117-5455 United States

What is Centric Business Systems, Inc.’s industry?

Centric Business Systems, Inc. is in the industry of Professional and Commercial Equipment and Supplies to Merchant Wholesalers

What is Centric Business Systems, Inc.’s phone number?

Centric Business Systems, Inc.’s phone number is (877) 902-3301

How many employees does Centric Business Systems, Inc. have?

Centric Business Systems, Inc. has 108 employees 

What year was Centric Business Systems, Inc. incorporated?

Centric Business Systems, Inc. was incorporated in 1990


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