ADAIR HOMES: Company Profile & Reviews

ADAIR HOMES: Company Profile & Reviews
ADAIR HOMES: Company Profile & Reviews

Adair Homes was founded with the idea of ​​helping people improve their quality of life by building houses to order. 

Its unique housing construction process ensures that home buyers get a huge value for every dollar they invest, making their new custom home a very smart financial investment.

Adair Homes History

Since 1969, Adair Homes has been building individual houses on your site and changing lives in the West – one dream at a time.  Over its more than 50-year history, Adair Homes has built more than 21,000 beautiful custom homes, each depicting the unique individuality of each family. 

The work and guidelines of Adair Homes have made the company the largest manufacturer of custom homes in the region and have earned itself a high reputation based on honesty, integrity and respect.

Are Adair Homes Stick Built?

Building with sticks is a time-tested method that most builders use to build new homes.  If you are considering an individual housing package, contact one of the home ownership consultants at Adair Homes.  They will help you customize your favorite floor plan or start from scratch with a complete individual design.

Customers can now choose from 16 Adair Homes designs and add a variety of options, from granite countertops to vaulted ceilings and heat pumps.  But the main construction plans remain outside the scope for change, eliminating costs and uncertainties of custom work.

Those who buy Adair houses are still given the task of finding their own construction sites and, above all, taking care of site preparation, earthworks and the installation of utilities.

What Is Included In An Adair Homes?

  • 80-gallon water heater in all houses with baths.
  • Shower doors 4-5 feet long on all showers and upgraded showers, if possible.  (Does not include bath / shower or custom shower door.)
  • Garbage collection, appropriate plumbing, electricity and bathroom accessories in 512 rooms.
  • CAT5 wired telephone data.
  • Painted front doors on Craftsman facades.
  • Garbage disposal with air switches (instead of wall switches) for islands with flat counters with sinks.
  • Finished white wood siding in the Western region and LP in the Eastern region.
  • A completely new choice of interior lighting.
  • The same size for all recessed luminaires regardless of location.
  • Standard lighting in all bathrooms.  In the primary bath there will be two lamps with 3 lighting fixtures, in the secondary – one 4-lighting fixture, and in the powder bath – one 2-lighting fixture.

Services Offered By Adair Homes

  Adair Homes starts by evaluating your land to determine site development requirements and collect costs.  You choose an individual house plan and adapt it to your taste, and Adair Homes will do the rest.  This includes site development, connection of temporary communications, earthworks, etc.

Main Level Living

You want to live in the center of your home – the main room on the main level gives easy access to everything you need to live the lifestyle of the main level you dreamed of.  Choose the Adair Homes plan that best suits your needs with a variety of one- and two-story options.

Big Houses

For you, a crowded house simply will not cut.  You have a growing family, you want to have a home with more formal entertainment spaces, or you may just need space for your record collection.  Whatever your reason, Adair Homes offers a variety of plans over 2,000 square feet.

Two-Storey Buildings

Big life on small plots requires creative and thoughtful design of the house, which takes into account the budget and lifestyle.  Adair, did your homework and came up with a series of two-story floor plans that are sure to please the most discerning home buyer. 

Adair understands the need for flexible space, windows with views and privacy.  All this and much more you will find in the plans of two-story houses Adair.


Craftsman’s appearance shows a difference in detail: open porches, gable roof and protruding cornice.  It uses natural materials, and many of our Craftsman packages include bright wooden columns and beams on the front porch.  Browse this collection to find your favorite wizard height.


Your home away from home should be charming, attractive and affordable.  Any of our economic plans can easily become the second home you have dreamed of.  Browse this list of favorite vacation homes to find the plan that works best for you.


Adair Homes has several multi-generational home plans that can accommodate your family without sacrificing privacy or comfort.  Our wide range of options varies from a second master suite to a completely separate living space with a kitchenette.  By not finding the plan that works best for your growing family, Adair Pro Team can create an individual option just for you!

One Level

A one-level ranch-style house is ideal for a homeowner who is just starting out or looking for the perfect home forever.  If you are buying a home for the first time, thinking about retirement or just love the convenience of one-level living, check out our selection of one-level plans to find a house plan that you would like to call home.


Due to current demand, lack of inventory and soaring prices, consumers are now looking for homes where they can take advantage of a simpler process that allows them to find and afford the desired style and features of the home. Adair Homes provides curatorial home building experience that leverages access to low-cost custom homes and innovative solutions that will ensure the value of the home for years to come.

The new base value of the Adair house will now include paint for interior and exterior work, including garage walls and ceilings; More than 20 professionally selected painting schemes for both interior and exterior of the house; construction cleaning; drying of the material; and standard improved layouts in the main bathrooms.

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