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Speedy loans

No one ever wants to be in a situation where they can’t do anything to help a loved on or sort out a financial issue. But often times than not such situations keeps coming up. and our only solution might be reuesting for a speedy loan.

Such loans helps ease of the finacial pressure, have you take care of the issue, and payback when you get your check.

Now, there are hundreds of companies offering such services, and Speedy Cash loans is among them. Speedy Cash loans offers payday loans online, over the phone, and in physical locations. Payday loans, installment loans, and title loans are among the types of loans you’d get from speedy loans.

This article will x-ray the modus operandi of Speedy loans. We will also pay a close attetion to Speedy Loans Review among other things – in attempt to get a first hand review from their users.

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About Speedy Cash

Speedy Cash is authorized to conduct business in a number of states in the United States and offers payday loans online, over the phone, and in physical locations. Payday loans, installment loans, and title loans are all available from Speedy Cash, which aims to build a personal relationship with each of its clients.

They operate under the moniker Rapid Cash, to serve states like Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

What Do Speedy Loans Do?

In order to help you quickly obtain the money you require, Speedy Cash is a short-term lender that provides payday loans, installment loans, and title loans.

While loans from Speedy loans or any other merchant are supposed to help you stay afloat and access money when you need it, they carry weighty conditions.

Therefore, consumers must beware of this lest they get sucked in into depths they cannot repay. While you’re still considering taking the loan, take a look at the pros and cons of taking a loan from Speedy loans below.

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Pros of Using Speedy Loans

  • Get funds in as little as a day
  • Online and in-store services
  • Loans from $50 to $26,000

Cons Of Using Speedy Loans

  • High APRs

Speedy Cash Online Loans

A short-term lending provider with 29 state locations is Speedy Cash. It provides three various loan kinds, including installment loans, payday loans, and title loans, for those in need of money.

Online payday loans are Speedy Cash’s area of expertise. Borrowers utilize these loans to cover immediate financial needs and then pay them back with interest on their upcoming paycheck.

Applying for Speedy Cash loans is simple, and the organization offers in-store services for clients who would rather deal with a lender in person. Start by going to Speedy Cash’s website, opening an account, or contacting customer support if you’re interested in their services.

Speedy Cash Loan Requirements

Requirements for payday, installment, and title loans are different in every state, but the basic requirements for a Speedy Cash loan include:

  • A steady source of income
  • A bank account
  • A valid phone number
  • An email address

Loan availability and amounts depend on what state you live in, so make sure to check your state regulations before applying.

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Speedy Cash Interest Rates

Speedy Cash’s annual percentage rates vary depending on:

  • The type of loan you’re applying for
  • The loan term length
  • The state you live in

For a person trying to get a $200 payday loan in California, the APR is around 460% for a 14-day loan term. That means they end up paying $35.30 in finance charges if they pay off the loan on time.

Is Speedy Cash Loans legit?

Both online and in-person, Speedy Cash provides customers with immediate funding for up to $26,000. The organization provides a variety of loan options so that customers can pick the one that best suits their requirements and financial status.

Despite having high-interest rates, Speedy Cash is a respectable choice for those who need money right away and have the means to repay it.

Speedy Cash Loans Contact Address?

You can reach them on the contact address below:

479145 US HWY 64 | Roland, OK 74954
Phone: 918-427-8883
119 W Plum St | Stilwell, OK 74960
Phone: 918-696-4320


Speed loans reviews

Below are some reviews for Speedy Loans as seen on consumeraffairs.com.

From Lisa of Lakewood, CO;

I can’t say enough about how helpful, patient, and professional the online financial services have been. They helped me to get the loan I needed with multiple options and helped to guide me so I provided what they needed to help me get a loan. The in-store personnel is always friendly and professional. When I need a loan I only go thru Speedy Cash.

From Mark of Elko, NV;

The loan process was easy and I really like the instant funding through my debit card. That is a great feature. Keep it. Your process is very convenient and I really like the instant funding and you seem like a great company to work with and I will use you again in the future when I need a loan.

From Teresa of Anaheim, CA;

I really wish I could give 0 stars to this company! Back in 2018, I took out a very small loan from this company. I ended up not needing the money, and repaid Every penny, before the due date. However, I get a collection email, shortly after. I responded to the email, telling the company that I already paid the loan back, with screenshots showing the money deducted from my bank account. Shortly after that, I get emails about a late fee charge on top of the loan and again about my tax return and to get caught up today! Mind you, I responded to every email and received No reply in return. Fast forward to this year, I’m going over credit reports, looking into my clarity credit report, and Speedy Cash took it upon themselves to report to this company, and thus far this company only, that I have yet to repay this loan, that I now owe them more than agreed. All of which is a lie.

According to consumeraffairs.com, these reviews are from verified users and buyers. Therefore, they can be trusted. You can also get more reviews by clicking here.


Does Speedy Cash Affect Your Credit?

Taking out a payday loan from Speedy Cash doesn’t affect your credit, but missing a payment or defaulting on a loan from Speedy Cash does. ?

How do Speedy Cash loans work?

Speedy Cash loans are short-term funding options that customers can get by visiting Speedy Cash’s website and applying. Speedy Cash gets you the funds you need as soon as possible, often within 24 hours of your approval.

What do I need to get a loan from Speedy Cash

You need the following to apply for a payday loan with Speedy Cash:

  • A steady income
  • A bank account
  • A phone number
  • An email address

Does Speedy Cash do installment loans?

Yes, Speedy Cash offers installment loans up to $5,000. With installment loans, borrowers pay back the balance over an extended period instead of paying it in full on their next payday. The application process is the same for installment loans.

Final Thought

While Speedy Cash loans will actually come through for you, it’s at a cost and we hope that this article would help you decide if that’s what you need. Good luck.



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