3949 A FORM: How To Report Tax Fraud

3949 A FORM

3949 A Form is an internal revenue service form specifically for tax fraud-related issues. The major challenge about this form is that it has a cumbersome process.

Aside from that, filling it out without prior knowledge of documents to attach with it can make it invalid.

To provide an accurate guide, we’ve provided information about what the 3949 A form entails and a guide on how to report tax fraud with 3949 A form.

What is 3949-A form?

The Internal Revenue Service of the United States will receive a Form 3949-A for tax-related issues. 

An Informational Referral is the name of the form, and it will be used by citizens to report any suspected tax fraud in the country. An individual or a business could be suspected of committing these tax offenses.

Please double-check that this is the correct form for your report. Once you’re certain, you can begin filling out Form 3949-A. This form will ask for all of the information you have about the person or company you’re reporting. 

If you don’t have any information, simply leave the field empty. You’ll also need to figure out what kind of tax fraud you suspect is going on. 

You can mention estimated financial amounts of unpaid taxes or the dates of the scam if you have them. You can also add comments if necessary.

The company might contact you about the report after submitting this form. The IRS will be able to obtain as much information as possible about the potential tax fraud as a result of this. Make sure you fill out the form with your current contact information.

How to Fill Out Form 3949-A of the Internal Revenue Service (Step by Step)

You must provide the following information to complete a Form 3949-A:

Section A – Details on the person or company you’re reporting

Report about an individual

  • Individual’s TIN/Social Security Number
  • Date of birth Place of birth Occupation Email address
  • Relationship status
  • Spouse’s name

Report on business

  • EIN (Employer Identification Number)
  • Contact information (phone number, street address, and email address)
  • Website

Section B – Describe the Alleged Income Tax Law Violation

Violation allegedly committed:

  • Exemption that is not true
  • Deductions that are false
  • Several filings
  • Crime syndicates
  • Undocumented earnings
  • Credit for earned income
  • Corruption in the public and political spheres
  • Documents that have been falsified or altered
  • Unreported earnings
  • Income from narcotics
  • Kickback
  • Wagering/gambling
  • Failure to deduct tax
  • Inability to file a return
  • Non-payment of taxes

Information About Yourself (Section C)

  • Name and telephone number
  • When is the best time to call Address

Fill out the form and mail it to the Internal Revenue Service at: Internal Revenue Service Stop 31313 Fresno, CA 93888.

How To Report Tax Fraud

To report tax fraud, there are different steps to take. 

Section A

Section A provides information about the person or business you want to report. 

For an individual:

Include the following-

  • Name
  • Street address
  • City, state, ZIP Code
  • Social Security Number or Taxpayer Identification Number, 
  • Date of birth, Occupation, 
  • Marital status, 
  • Name of spouse (if married)
  • Email address. 

Include as much information as you know

For business

  • Business name
  • Business street address, city, state, Zip Code, 
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Telephone number(s
  • Email address, and website, 

Section B – 

Describe the Alleged Violation of Income Tax Law Use this section to describe the alleged tax law violation(s).

False Exemption – Claimants who are not authorized to claim as dependents.

  • False Deductions – To lower their taxable income, they claimed false or overstated deductions.
  • Multiple Filings – Fraudulent refunds were obtained by filing multiple tax returns.
  • Unsubstantiated Income – Bogus income reported from an unknown source in order to receive a false refund.
  • Earned Income Credit – They claimed Earned Income Credit for which they were not eligible.
  • They may have claimed children they were not entitled to claim or stated income they did not earn.
  • Bogus/Altered Documents – Changed or produced fraudulent documents, such as a W-2 or Form 1099, to establish a false return.
  • Unreported Income – Income received in the form of cash or other untraceable payments, such as products or services, but not reported.
  • Kickback – Received illegal payments or kickbacks in exchange for referring a government agency’s or other company’s business to a company or influencing business decisions that result in a portion of the payment for the business received or service performed being returned to the person who referred the business.
  • Wagering/Gambling – Income from wagering or gambling was not reported.
  • Failure to File Returns – An individual or a corporation has failed to file legally required returns.
  • Failure to Pay Taxes – An individual or a corporation has failed to pay taxes that are legally owed to them.
  • Sales Tax – The company has failed to collect or pay the tax that is owed to them.
  • Other – Describe in 5 words or less.

If your report involves unreported income, indicate the years and the dollar amount. Then, briefly describe the facts of the alleged tax law violations as you know them. 

Section C – 

Provide Information about Yourself 7. Note: Information about yourself is NOT required to process your report, but may be helpful if we need additional information.

Quick Steps to Filing a Printable 3949 A Form Online

To complete and Printable 3949 A Form online, follow these simple steps:

  • To access a template in the editor, use Get Form or simply click on the template preview.
  • Begin filling out the form’s fillable fields by carefully typing in the essential information.
  • To pick your responses in the list boxes, use the Cross or Check marks in the top toolbar.
  • Other Yes/No questions can be answered using the Circle icon.
  • Examine the document multiple times to ensure that all fields are filled out with accurate information.
  • Use the matching icon to insert the current date.
  • Include an eSignature that is legally binding. Select the option you prefer: type, draw, or upload an image of your handwritten signature and place it where you need it by going to Sign -> Add New Signature.
  • With the Done button, you can finish filling out the form.
  • Right from the editor, you may download, save to the cloud, print, or share your text.
  • If you have any problems when using the editor, check the Help section and contact our Support team.


Who requires a Form 3949-A from the Internal Revenue Service?

The Internal Revenue Service has requested that you fill out this form in order to report tax law infractions. If you suspect tax fraud, you can fill out this form on your own time.

What is the purpose of IRS Form 3949-A?

If you know of a crime perpetrated by a company or an individual, such as a fraudulent exemption or deduction, a kickback, document falsification, unjustified, unreported, or narcotic revenue, failure to withhold or pay taxes, organized crime, wagering or gambling, you can use the Information Referral.

Is there any more paperwork with Form 3949-A?

Any papers that prove the reported tax infraction should be attached to the fillable IRS Form 3949-A 2014. If there are any books or records that support your claim, you must mention them.

When must Form 3949-A be submitted?

There is no deadline for the Information Referral because it is a form for a voluntary report.

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There is no deadline for the Information Referral because it is a form for a voluntary report.

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Without the above information, you can easily fill up a printable 3949 A FORM and report that tax fraud issue that has been giving you concern.



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