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It has become somewhat easy these days to find companies who buy homes as new companies like this emerge every day. But how do you know which companies to trust and go for? According to reviews online, one of the best we have come across is Sellers Advantage and in this article, you shall learn all you need to know about Seller’s Advantage.

Buying homes with cash has become hot especially when the house owners can sell quickly and easily without the stress and frustrations that come with the traditional process of selling properties as well as the extra cost and fees.

Now, let’s get right in!

What is Seller’s Advantage?

Seller’s Advantage is a private company that specializes in buying properties from property owners who want to sell their properties at the best values. The company has its headquarters set in Irvine, CA, and comprises a team of local Southern California residents who are experienced in buying houses in California.

The Sellers Advantage has 25 years in business although this source reveals the business was founded in 2015. It first started in Pheonix and where they buy properties from house owners in the place of business establishment as well as outlying areas such as Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, Glendale, Surprise, Chandler, Glendale, Avondale, Scottsdale, Peoria, Buckeye, Tolleson as well as other nearby cities.

Now, the business has spread to locations in Irvine, CA where they buy properties from house owners in San Diego, San Bernardino, Orange Riverside, Los Angeles, and Ventura counties.

The main goal of the company is to help clients to eradicate the stress and frustrations associated with selling their houses when they want to, especially if they have a home going through probate or want to avoid the stress of directly dealing with realtors.

One of the unique things about Seller’s Advantage is that they buy your properties at no commissions or fees attached. Also, as a house owner, Sellers Advantage buys your house in as-is condition – that is, you do not have to make any repairs or remodels or even home appraisals.

Even more, you won’t need a bank to approve your buyer’s loan or the buyer backing out of the deal, as a house owner wanting to sell. Basically, Sellers Advantage works with your time – they can give a quick close in as little as a week or a few months to arrange, pack and move.

Basically, Sellers Advantage buys homes in any condition for cash – quickly and easily.

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Why Choose Seller’s Advantage?

Generally, the conventional way of selling properties can be quite frustrating and stressful, and regardless of that, the deal either goes successfully or the buyer decides to back out. However, this is not the case with Sellers Advantage.

Sellers Advantage promises integrity and delivers. Even better, selling to Sellers Advantage comes with no extra costs, commissions, remodelings, or repairs as well as the worries of the buyers backing out.

Also, Sellers Advantage offers free estimates, free virtual consultations, certified professionals,  24/7 availability and it accepts credit cards. It is open to individuals from all races, backgrounds, religious denominations, and statuses.

How Does Seller’s Advantage Work?

To contact or sell to Seller’s Advantage, here is how it works:

  • You will fill out a short form on their website and wait for a representative to put a call through to you as well, go over your personal and property details.
  • A market analysis will be carried out to generate a price range for your home which includes the necessary repairs to be done. This is regardless of the condition your home is in.
  • An in-person inspection will be carried out to further create a firm offer.
  • You can then accept to sell/their offer and quickly close the deal. If not, you can decide to walk away with no obligations.

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What Type of Homes Does Seller’s Advantage Buy?

Seller’s Advantage is open to buying different kinds of homes. Below is a list of the types of homes Sellers Advantage buys:

  • Single-family homes
  • Manufactured homes
  • Town homes
  • Mobile homes
  • Condominiums
  • Properties that require repairs
  • Properties that are owned by a borrower who is lurking behind on a mortgage payment
  • Properties that are in the process of foreclosure
  • Omes that have already been listed with a real estate agent.

Where Do Sellers Advantage Buy Homes?

Sellers’ advantage buy homes in the following locations:

  • Phoenix
  • Southern California
  • Chicago
  • Philadelphia

Sellers Advantage Contact

If you have a property to sell or are just looking for a way to contact Sellers Advantage, here are the mediums through which you can:

  • Phone:                          (800) 208-3243
  • Address:                        17875 Von Karman Ave, Suite 150 Irvine, CA 92614
  • Website:                      Sellers Advantage
  • To get a free quote:    Sellers Advantage

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Seller’s Advantage Reviews

Below are some of the reviews from individuals who have used or sold to Seller’s Advantage:

  1. “My experience selling through Seller’s Advantage was totally positive and painless! David and Bryan were ABSOLUTE PROFESSIONALS! Everything was handled on my schedule and I never felt pressured during the entire process which took less than a month I felt they understood my situation completely and made me a fair offer for my home Seller’s Advantage did exactly what they said they would and everything went smoothly right through the closing I would recommend Seller’s Advantage without hesitation to anyone wanting to sell quickly and hassle-free” –
  1. “I didn’t know anything about sellers’ advantage except for seeing their popular commercial…all the time!! I decided to give them a call and see what they had to offer. Just the first initial phone call I received was pleasant.  They handed me off to Claudia who was amazing then Troy was honest and very attentive to every question, comment, and concern. The escrow, transaction coordinator, and project manager were all superb and very attentive, patient, honest, and reliable. I/we are very happy with selling our home to the seller’s advantage they came thru all the way with everything that they said. I am hoping they will be able to buy my parent’s house once my parents are ready to sell!! Definitely recommend sellers advantage if you don’t want to deal with realtors and the whole process of putting your house on the market.” –
  1. “My wife and I sold her mother’s house with Seller Advantage, and the ENTIRE process was delightful, from the time Chas and Courtney arrived at the house to provide a quote until I recently visited the old house yesterday. The entire team was extremely professional, Chas was very easy to deal with and provided me a satisfactory quote to buy the house. We were pleased with the offer and the entire construction team did a fantastic job of renovating the house that our entire family was extremely pleased with. Even better was the escrow closed in about 3 weeks? I HIGHLY Recommend Seller Advantage and to anyone who wants to sell their home fast and wants to work with real professionals like Chas.” –
  2. “Our experience with Seller’s Advantage was a good experience They offered a fair price for my sister’s condo and the process was quick All of the personnel we had dealings with were very professional and answered any and all questions and concerns.” –


Below are some of the complaints we found about Seller’s Advantage:

  1. “I would not recommend this company to anyone.  They don’t keep their word, they want you, the potential customer to do their work for them when they can find the answers themselves on your property. There are way too many other competitors out there to try before you try them!  Just a heads up!  Thank you.” –
  1. “If you have equity in your home you can guarantee that you will lose a portion of it with sellers advantage because they will offer you well below market price ask yourself is it worth sacrificing an agent commission or paying two to three times or more to sellers advantage.” –

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Final Thoughts

Apart from buying homes in any conditions and letting the house owners sell at no extra costs or fees for repairs attached, Seller’s Advantage sells convenience to its clients. However, convenience comes with a price. It is dependent on you to decide if you would walk. All the best!

FAQs Seller’s Advantage

Who is the Seller’s Advantage owner?

Damon Lines. He is the CEO of Seller’s Advantage

What is Seller’s Advantage phone number?

You can contact Seller’s Advantage on

  • Phone:                          (800) 208-3243
  • Address:                        17875 Von Karman Ave, Suite 150 Irvine, CA 92614

What days are Seller’s Advantage open?

Mondays-Sundays 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

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