TALENT ACQUISITION MANAGER: Job Description & How To Become One


A talent acquisition manager recruits develops and keeps people in an organization. To find top talents and guarantee that employees are happy and productive, any professional occupying this job position should have good interpersonal, organizational, and communication abilities.

Therefore, in setting up a business for long-term success and growth, the role of a talent acquisition manager can’t be overlooked. This is because poor decisions around recruitment can waste money and resource just as the right people can boost output and income.

Who is a Talent Acquisition Manager?

In smaller businesses, the talent acquisition manager who handles all the company’s recruitment needs, regardless of the function or level, is typically an experienced recruiter. In larger organizations, the position takes on more of a managerial nature, managing a group of talent acquisition experts.

Basic Skills needed to become a Talent Acquisition Manager

To succeed in this job position, you need to have a lineup of core skills such as

Communication Skills

Professionals in this position must be able to convey hiring decisions to potential workers and candidates and articulate their programs and strategies both orally and in writing.

Interpersonal Skills

This skill involves critically assessing prospective hires potential, identifying under-used talents, and paying attention to the requirements and worries of co-workers.

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Organizational Skills

Talent acquisition managers handle several facets of employee interactions. As a result, they must be able to establish plans that satisfy broad business goals and effectively prioritize daily duties and obligations.

Leadership Skills

A TA manager should be able to organize duties, evaluate the efficacy of plans, and direct teams and department members in carrying out functions.

Technical Expertise

This Manager must find his way around top social media sites and online job boards. This is to help enhance and automate the hiring process.

Other skills anyone occupying this job position should possess include:

  • Understanding of recruitment methods
  • Negotiating strategies
  • The capacity to make future plans
  • Dedicated to company objectives
  • Interest in study and self-improvement
  • Being able to empathize
  • Ability to analyze
  • Being able to multitask

Talent Acquisition Manager Job Description

Talent acquisition managers ensure that a company has the talent necessary to flourish and that potential workers possess the traits necessary to mesh well with a team.

Although the job description for a talent acquisition manager is lengthy and daily job obligations might vary depending on the firm, common functions include:

  • Locating and vetting potential employees to fill unfilled roles
  • Creating plans and strategies for hiring people
  • Controlling other HR employees
  • Attending career fairs at universities and colleges
  • Arranging career fairs and other events
  • Promoting the brand of the business
  • Pursuing exceptional candidates
  • Making final recruiting selections and creating offer packages that are competitive
  • Creating initiatives to recognize and keep great talent

How much is the Salary for Talent Acquisition Manager?

Talent acquisition managers jobs, duties, and skills sets vary. S d their salaries. According to Indeed salaries, senior specialists make an average salary of abut $80,169 annually.

As of May 2020, the Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that the average yearly salary for a talent acquisition manager was $121,220. However, compensation might differ depending on a plethora of variables which include company size and industry, geography, education, and experience.

Data from PayScale.com shows that organizational development, strategic project management, and team management abilities can contribute to greater pay.

Job Outlook for Talent Acquisition Manager

A talent acquisition manager has a bright future in the workforce. The BLS posit that between 2020 and 2030, there will be a 14% increase in jobs for these professionals.

Organizations will require talent acquisition managers to assist them in fining personnel and to oversee their recruiting initiatives as new businesses, employment rules change, and the aging baby boomer generation retires.

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How to Become a Talent Acquisition Manager

To become one, a mix of education and experience is needed. Although there is no hard and fast rule to becoming a talent acquisition manager, there are certain typical stages you can follow to support a good career start.

Follow this career path if you truly want to become a talent acquisition manager.

Get a Bachelor’s Degree

For talent acquisition managers, most firms consider a bachelor’s degree to be the minimum need. Human resources and business are two of the most useful majors for people looking to work in talent acquisition, but before starting classes, its crucial to know your interests and what each degree includes.

Other business-related disciplines including marketing, can also be beneficial.

Obtain a Masters Degree

While some firms demand a minimum requirement of bachelor’s degree, some others demand a master’s degree for senior-level employment roles.

A masters degree in organisational development or human resource management is a common course of study for you who wants to work as a talent acquisition personnel.

Get a Certification

For this position, very few employers value certification. However, pursuing certification with much intentionality will boost your resume and show potential employers how committed you are to your job.

When you finally set out for certification programs, consider those that dwell much on crucial talent acquisition competencies like customer satisfaction, talent identification, and candidate experience optimization.

In order to determine which qualifications could be most beneficial for you, its also a good idea to evaluate the specific requirements for the industry where you intend to work.

Become a member of an Association

The fastest route to expanding your network is by joining professional groups. Establish connections with other talent acquisition specialists.

Through developing connections with professional groups, you can meet people who can:

  • Inform you of available positions
  • Educate you on practical skills for your career
  • Introduce you to key players in the sector

Additionally, it is advantageous if you get expertise in the sector where you want to manage. Consider joining a team that specializes in hiring technologically oriented people if you want to run a talent recruitment team fr a budding tech company.

This might provide you with knowledge about how to carry out the career you want in the particular market where you want to work.

Showcase your Leadership Skills

In order to advance in your career as a manager in the talent acquisition unit, demonstrate your capacity to guide co-workers, assign tasks, and manage teams. You can gain experience in a leadership position by asking your boss if you can oversee a project at work.

Doing this consistently will help you advance in your company or give you experience to add to your CV as you look to grow in your field.


I hope this article provides you the insight to know all there is to becoming a qualified talent acquisition manager. A knowledge of how much this professional earns will help you build intentionality around your professional growth.



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