Mobile Home Communities

Mobile Home Communities

Pre-built homes are gradually emerging as a strong alternative to traditionally constructed houses. Renting and buying pre-built or mobile homes are increasingly becoming an option, especially for people looking to retire in mobile home communities. If you are looking for the best places to retire, you could check out the best Florida mobile home communities as well as the best mobile home communities in Austin, Texas, listed in this article.

Even more, this article contains everything else you need to know about mobile home communities, their similarities and differences to manufactured homes, and the benefits as well as the drawbacks of living in mobile community homes.

Let’s get right in!

What are Mobile Home Communities?

Mobile home communities are residential areas designed specifically to house manufactured and mobile homes. Basically, they go by different designations such as manufactured home parks, mobile home parks, trailer parks, and land-lease communities. They are created especially to provide prefabricated homeowners plots of land to rent and a host of price-included beneficial services and facilities.

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Should I Live in a Mobile Home Community?

For people seeking for affordable housing choices, mobile home communities provide a number of advantages. Major examples include:

  • It is a good choice for inexpensive homes in Austin, Texas
  • You can discover the ideal match since each community offers a variety of facilities and settings.
  • They are usually well-gated communities provide more security and comfort.
  • Because they are quite spacious, there will be plenty of space to spread out on.
  • There will be peace and quiet while yet being near to entertainment and shopping in many of these communities because they are located just outside the city borders!

All things considered, living in a mobile home is a fantastic, economical housing choice that has a lot to offer individuals seeking an alternative to renting or purchasing a standard home.

Drawbaks of Living in Mobile Home Communities

Altough there are many benefits of living in mobile house communities, there are disadvantages too. Some of them include:

  • There is little parking and storage space (although most will provide additional outdoor space)
  • Finding the ideal neighborhood is crucial since you’ll have to be sure to handle any maintenance or repair needs yourself!
  • You’ll also need to watch out for your neighbors and make sure they maintain their properties. Otherwise, it could give the people around them a terrible image!

Living in a mobile home isn’t for everyone, but if you’re independent, it’s something to think about.

What is the Difference Between Mobile Home and Manufactured Home?

Basically, both mobile and manufactured homes are all types of prefabricated homes built in a factory than on-site like a conventional home. When the building have been completed, the pieces are taken to their final location to be assembled.

Mobile and manufactured homes may be similar but there are are sure differences between them.

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Mobile Homes vs Manufactured Homes

Although there are many similarities between mobile and manufactured homes, there are also variances.

One of the similarities is that these houses might be single-story, two-story, or multi-sectional in size. Both residences might be considered either constructed temporarily or permanently.

Basically, both mobile and manufactured homes are constructed and put together in a factory and then moved to their final destinations when the assembling is almost in a complete state.

Bot houses are built on a chassis using flatbed truck. Upon arrival at the final destination, the homes are installed either by being jacked up or rolling into the house’s foundation. Depending on the size of the homes, the assembling is done either segment by segment or piece by piece. These residences are prepared for usage and occupancy after installation, assembly, and finishing touches.

Both homes are low cost compared to constructing or buying a conventional home. They need less time to construct too, unlike traditional homes.

However, the primary difference between mobile and manufactured homes is their legal standing under the federal law. A new building standard was released by the federal government on June 15th, 1976, through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Mobile homes do not adhere to these standards while manufactured home do.

Mobile homes existed way before HUD issued the new construction standard, hence, they are known as ‘pre-HUD’ while manufactured homes are known as ‘HUD-compliant homes.’ Now, it is safe to conclude that manufactured homes are simply improved versions of mobile homes. They have designs, strength, construction, durability, are fire resistant and transportable. Also, they are energy efficient and have improved facilities unlike mobile homes.

In addition, manufactured homes are considered real estate after construction and assembling on its final destination. Also, they are sold as real estate and can qualify for Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC) assistance. On the other hand, mobile homes are not considered real estate and are hardly qualified for any type of financing.

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Mobile Home Communities in Florida

If you are considering moving into mobile home communities in Florida, you should consider renting or owning your home.

It’s important to remember that even though you decide to own a home, the land it is constructed can belong to the community. Check out these eleven resident-owned mobile home communities in Florida if that’s not something you want to deal with.

1. Brookridge Retirement Community

This is one of the best mobile home retirement communities in Florida. Also, it is one of the best Florida mobile home communities 55 planned with care and provides round-the-clock security.

If you love to play golf, then this is a good place to retire as the neighborhood has an 18-hole golf course. Well, if you have other recreational activities you love to indulge in, then there is a heated pool, pickleball and tennis courts, a sundesk and bocci ball in the neighborhood.

Also, every day of the week, the clubhouse organizes events that anybody can attend. It’s a great way to meet and connect with new people.

Address: 7300 Brookridge Central Blvd, Brooksville, FL 34613

Average Price: $100,000

2. Paradise Island Largo

Also one of the best Florida retirement mobile home communities, this is an 800+ home community in Florida; an excellent place that doubles as one of the best places to retire in Florida.

This community has large swimming pools and spacious sidewalks for walking and running. Also, it has numerous horseshoe courts and clubhouses that host numerous activities.

In addition, living in this neighborhood comes with enjoying numerous activities ranging from dance lessons, bingo games, card games, and a lot of other game activities. You can also join book clubs if reading or connecting with a community of readers is your thing.

Address: 1001 Starkey Rd #110, Largo, FL 33771

Average Price: Unknown

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3. Westwind

This is a perfect community to retire in Florida. The neighborhood offers mobile homes with 3-4 bedrooms. It is a perfect community for biking, rollerblading, running or walking, and even more, it has several beach areas.

Westwind is a gated community with a range of facilities available to residents. It has two clubhouses and two swimming pools with each clubhouse offering activities such as arts and crafts, game cards, book clubs, Mexican train and some other activities.

Address: 3301 US-19 ALT Lot 119, Dunedin, FL 34698

Average Price: $80,000

4. Midway Estates

This estate is a great option for anyone looking at mobile retirement communities in Florida. Te community is quite spacious and affordable. It comprises 200 well spaced-out homes, and easy access to golf courses, beaches, tons of restaurants and shops not too far away from the neighborhood.

Just like other Florida mobile home communities mentioned earlier, this community has a heated pool and clubhouse. Tis is one of the best options for Florda retirement mobile some communities especially if you are someone who loves group activities.

Address: 1950 S U.S. 1, Vero Beach, FL 32962

Average Price: Starts at $615 per month

5. Chateau Village

Also another one of the best mobile home communities in Florida, this resident-owned community sits on 40-acres of land near parks, museums and beaches for exploration and relaxation. Also, the community has some one, two and three-bedroom mobile homes and you can choose which to go for.

For fun activities, the community has a fitness center, library, a swimming pool and hot tub. Also, they organize numerous community activities such as cooking classes, painting classes, dancing classes and other arts and crafts activities.

If you love some small-town feeling, then this should be your best Florida mobile home communities to retire to.

Address: 612 53rd Ave W, Bradenton, FL 34207

Average Price: $55,000


Mobile Home Communities in Austin, Texas

Austin Texas was named the #12 Best City to Live in America by Forbes in 2018. It has also been named as as one of the cities with a high quality of life and a young population.

Also, the cost of living in Austin, Texas, is quite low. So, if you are looking to retire in a place with high quality of life at an affordable cost to retire, then the mobile home communities in Austin, Texas, should be the top on your list.

Here is a list of the top mobile home community in Austin, Texas, to look out for. While you are at it, know that each community has its unique characteristics. So, it will e best you rserach on each of them, know which best suits your interests and desires before making your pick.

Let’s get right in!

1. River Ridge Estates

This community is one of the best mobile home communities in Texas. They were built in 2001 and have a total of 515 units of one story each. The estate is gated, dog-friendly, peaceful, calm, bikeable and car-dependent.

For fun activities, the community has a swimming pool, basketball court, a playground, fitness center, picnic area and girl. Also, there is a community center , restrooms, pavilions,splash park and a mail center. Even more, the community has a school system bus service, hence, it is open to accommodate humans of all ages.

This is a great place to retire in Texas, if you are searching for one.


Address: Onion Creek

Average Price: 1,336 SF for 4-bedroom affairs.

2. Oak Crest

This a gated-entranced, resident-owned community home to 650 adults who live in RVs. It has a community center with Wi-Fi and tons of picnic areas. If you are looking to retire in Texas and want to be in close proximity to downtown but also have some access to nature, the Oak Crest is the mobile home community n Texas, Austin you need.

It is located outside of Lake Austin and the community comes with lots of fun activities such as playgrounds and swimming pools. To know more details about this community, follow the link below.

3. River Ranch

Also another one of the best mobile home communities in Texas, Austin, River Ranch is a well-maintained residential village catering to all ages of residents and has 349 home sites. The community as proximity to recreation centers, schools and conveniences of dining and shopping.

There are family-friendly amenities such as swimming pools and clubhouses and even more, there is a picnic area, whirlpool/spa/hot tub, mini -golf course and some other areas for sports lovers to play tennis, badminton, billiards, paddelball, ping pong, and bocce ball. Also, there is a childrens’ splash pad, horseshoes and playscape.

While you enjoy all of these, the community also offers laundry facilities, boat storage and a dog park. For fun activities, there are Tuesday coffee cluubs, Thursday game nights, tennis program for children, back-to-school parties, Christmas and Hallowen parties amongst other fun activities.

Meanwhile, that is not all about this mobile home community in Texas, Austin. If you want to ave some great shopping experience, there are shopping conveniences nearby suc as Walmart, Kohl’s, Target, Nordstrom, JCPenny and lots other retail stores and boutiques. Also, for recreation, residents can look to centers near the community such as the Bullock Texas State History Museum, Lyndon B. Johnson, Zilker Botanical Garden or the Lady Bird Lake.

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4. North Bluff Estates Hometown America

This community has 274 sites well designed for convinience for the residents of all ages. It is a pet-welcomin area that comes with a clubhouse and a kitchen specially for holiday parties and community events. For recreational an fun activities, the community has a picnic area, pavillion/grill area, a swimming pool, play ground and a basketball court.

Also, there there are carports, boats and RV storage and covered mailboxes. There are closeby restaurants like Eddie V’s and Franklin BBQ. Eve more, there are fun activities and attractions such as Bullock Museum,, Hope Outdoor Gallery and Austin Aquariam, to look out for.

5. Stonegate Austin

This community is a family-friendly, pet-friendly residential area for all ages, that offers affordable housing of either single-wide or double-wide spaces for rent. It has landscaped entrance and grounds, convenient trash drop-off, community mailboxes, school bus stop, EZ Rider stop and lots of other amenities.

Also, the community has a clubhouse, an in-ground swimming pool, a community basketball court, a playground and RV storage.



Living in a mobile home is a fantastic, affordable housing alternative that has many advantages for people who want to avoid renting or purchasing. It’s crucial to perform your investigation in order to locate the ideal neighborhood with features and a location that are ideal for you.

FAQs Mobile Homes Communities

What are the disadvantages of living in a mobile home?

– There is little parking and storage space (although most will provide additional outdoor space)
– Finding the ideal neighborhood is crucial since you’ll have to be sure to handle any maintenance or repair needs yourself!
– You’ll also need to watch out for your neighbors and make sure they maintain their properties. Otherwise, it could give the people around them a terrible image!

What are the characteristics of a mobile home?

Mobile houses and manufactured homes share the following characteristics: constructed in factories and transported to the location where they are set up. alternative to a crawlspace or basement that is constructed on a metal structure. Have tie downs sometimes instead of a permanent base.

Is buying a mobile home a waste of money?

Mobile homes are a horrible investment because their value plummets quite quickly, much as your automobile does the moment you drive it off the lot. Purchasing a mobile home is different from purchasing real estate. Why? The mobile house is regarded as personal property even if the land it is situated on is real estate.


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