Best Paying Jobs In Transportation: Top 15+ Picks

best paying jobs in transportation

Looking for a job with a bit more flexibility – and perhaps a little more adventure?
Consider a job in transportation. In a COVID-19 world, the transportation business provides a diverse spectrum of jobs needing a variety of skills and qualifications. Not surprisingly, many of these jobs pay handsomely. So, examine some of the highest-paying jobs in transportation to see if one is a good fit for you.

What is a Transportation Job?

A transportation job is one in which you are involved in the acquisition and delivery of goods and materials in some capacity, or you are directly responsible for your own and others’ safety while on the road. There are well-paying transportation jobs available in both the private and public sectors.

The Transportation Sector

Logistics services, air and express delivery services, freight rail, trucking, maritime, and other subsectors comprise the transportation industry. The movement of commodities from production to market is determined by the industry. The trucking business alone is worth an estimated $800 billion and transports 71% of all freight in the United States, yet it is failing in 2019 for a variety of reasons. Logistics engineers, purchasing managers, inventory managers, supply-chain managers, international logistics managers, and other positions are available.

Types of Transportation Jobs

Road transportation, railroad transportation, water transportation, air transportation, and pipeline transportation are the five most popular types of transportation, according to Jotscroll.

The transportation business offers a number of well-paying transportation jobs, including material movers, sailors, pilots, marine operators, railway operators, route driver, traffic supervisor, transportation director, and truck driver. According to the Best Schools, more than eight million Americans work in transportation, and over three million truck drivers convey jobs across the country.

Best Paying Transportation Jobs

If you’re looking for a well-paying job in transportation, these may be the jobs for you. Consider the following high-paying transportation jobs:

#1. Traffic control officer

Salary Average in the United States: $25,251 per year

Primary Responsibilities: A traffic controller is in charge of ensuring the safety of persons who operate on or near roads. They ensure that the worksite is clean and ready for work to begin, plan how they will direct traffic around the worksite, control traffic within and beyond the construction area, communicate with all workers on the road, and ensure that the worksite is cleaned up before reopening the roads to normal traffic.

#2. The Expeditor

Annual Salary in the United States: $32,281

Primary Responsibilities: A logistics expeditor is in charge of facilitating the supply of necessary equipment and materials to an end user, both within the organization and to companies or individuals outside the company. They will also supervise shipments, ensure that orders are right, and collaborate with a project manager to ensure that production and delivery dates are accurate and that the workforce completes their deliverables on time. Expeditors may also create vendor relationships and report job expenses to management.

#3. Delivery and receiving clerk

The average annual salary in the United States is $33,598.

Primary Duties: A shipping and receiving clerk typically works in a warehouse and is responsible for the shipment of items from a company. They may be responsible for packaging products, checking inventory, loading boxes into trucks, and ensuring that the order is complete before allowing the package to leave the warehouse. A shipping and receiving clerk may also be required to deliver packages.

A shipping and receiving clerk may also be responsible for receiving new packages from vendors and other businesses and updating inventories to reflect the delivery.

#4. Forklift driver

Annual Salary in the United States: $34,061

Primary Responsibilities: A forklift operator is in charge of operating a forklift through warehouses to transfer large goods. They may also be employed in industries or on construction sites. Forklift operators may prepare shipments, stock merchandise and other products, collaborate with others in a warehouse, including those in charge of shipping and receiving, work with inventories, and perform equipment maintenance.

Forklift operators must follow their workplace’s safety regulations and frequently have a certification and official training to operate the forklift.

#5. Bus conductor

Average Annual Salary in the United States: $35,985

Primary Responsibilities: A bus driver’s primary responsibility is to carry persons and groups from one area to another. A bus driver may be employed by a school, a municipality, a county, or a chartering firm. They are responsible for adhering to traffic laws so that their passengers are safe and pleasant while in their care. Bus drivers can take people to work, school, field trip venues, retail malls, and on city tours. They must stick to a timetable in order for passengers to be picked up and dropped off at predetermined times.

#6. Chauffeur

Annual Salary in the United States: $37,044

Primary Responsibilities: A chauffeur is in charge of carrying others in a passenger vehicle, most commonly a more expensive sedan or limo. Clients can hire chauffeurs on their own or through a company. Chauffeurs are customer-focused, professional, and educated about the areas they service, allowing them to maneuver safely and efficiently.

#7. Courier

Annual Salary in the United States: $37,778

A courier’s primary responsibility is to transport documents. They normally utilize their own car or bike to make these deliveries from businesses to people or families, while couriers may operate on foot in select sections of certain cities. Couriers must collect documents and other packages from businesses, customers, and institutions and deliver them on time. They also make certain that the product is handled correctly so that it is delivered to the recipient in the proper condition.

#8. Transportation Coordinator

Average annual salary in the United States: $43,809

Primary Responsibilities: A transportation coordinator is in charge of ensuring that all aspects of the delivery timeline are carried out as planned. They pay special attention to delivery timetables and track details to ensure that there are no delays and that the client receives their gift on time. They may engage closely with clients to answer questions regarding their items and notify managers of any delays.

#9. Pilot

Average annual salary in the United States: $44,912

Primary Responsibilities: A pilot is in charge of moving either freight or people from one area to another. Pilots can work for commercial airlines, but many work privately, transporting individuals and small families. A pilot can also transport an aerial photographer to assist them in capturing the right shot, spray crops from the air, perform rescue missions, and provide group flight tours.

A pilot must also be able to stick to a schedule and pick up and drop off their transportation on time, as well as monitor the weather, plan for any course adjustments, and recognize when they will need additional fuel.

#10. Dispatcher

Average Annual Salary in the United States: $52,782

A dispatcher’s primary responsibility is to receive packaging information and use routes to schedule the best driver for the job of delivering the product to the destination. Dispatchers are familiar with or learn specialized mapping software on the job, so they know the optimum route for a delivery and can provide updates to customers. They arrange routes and inform clients based on customer availability, road closures, and business hours.

Because unanticipated events like as harsh weather, construction, and abnormally heavy traffic might create delivery delays, dispatchers engage with drivers and customers to reroute them and guarantee the package is delivered as soon as possible.

#11. trucker

Average annual salary in the United States: $61,709

Primary Responsibilities: A truck driver is in charge of carrying items between two sites, generally by operating a heavy-duty truck or trailer. Depending on where the truck driver works and where the company sells merchandise, the driver may be required to deliver locally or nationally. Because of this, their timetables may differ, with some drivers working a conventional business day schedule and others need to be on the road for days, weeks, or more at a period.

A truck driver frequently assists in loading their truck before leaving and unloads the truck when they get at their destination. They must also drive attentively and follow all traffic laws to ensure that their goods arrives safely at its destination.

#12. Logistics analyst

The average annual salary in the United States is $62,358.

Primary Responsibilities: A logistics analyst is in charge of analyzing the product distribution life cycle to identify how the system may be improved to save the company money while meeting the expectations of customers. A logistics analyst may also be in charge of various aspects of purchasing, distribution, and delivery. They identify inefficiencies and collaborate with stakeholders and employees to eliminate or enhance them in order for the organization to remain profitable. A logistics analyst is also responsible for inventory control since they can detect when there is too much or too little inventory of a product, which can cause operations to slow.

#13. Supply chain expert

The average annual salary in the United States is $65,111.

Primary Responsibilities: A supply chain specialist is in charge of acquiring materials and products for distribution as well as ensuring that these items are delivered to clients. They also understand a company’s inventory and associated trends, allowing them to properly estimate demands based on previous client orders. Supply chain specialists ensure that manufacturing requirements are satisfied and that all aspects of the process are functioning properly.

#14. Avionics technician

The average annual salary in the United States is $69,102.

Primary Responsibilities: An aviation mechanic is in charge of ensuring that aircrafts are in good working order for flying. They may undertake routine maintenance on various airplanes to maintain particular systems up to date, as well as repairs and inspections. They must be well-versed in Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and regulations, as well as follow the agency’s maintenance guidelines.

#15. Distribution supervisor

Average annual salary in the United States: $69,610

Primary Responsibilities: A distribution manager is in charge of distributing items, products, components, and other supplies. They are very active with inventory so that they are aware of how much they have in stock and whether or not they can meet distribution needs. They collaborate with the logistics department to cut costs, optimize operations, and boost customer happiness. So, a distribution manager is typically in charge of a team that collaborates to achieve department goals.

#16. Transportation Engineer

Average annual salary in the United States: $70,710.

Primary Responsibilities: A transportation engineer is in charge of designing transportation systems. Their plans may include bridges, roads, highways, airports, railroads, and even ancillary goods such as lighting and drainage. They understand traffic patterns, the population of a place, and the surrounding environment in order to design plans for new infrastructure. Transportation engineers also examine existing infrastructure to see if it may be improved as a result of increased traffic flow or other considerations.

Best Paying Jobs In Transportation FAQs

Is transportation a good career?

Companies will always need to move commodities and things, and people will always need to get there. As a result, the transportation business is a relatively safe industry in which to work. This industry also provides numerous prospects for growth and progress, which may increase your job security.

What is the easiest driving job?

Dry van trucking is the most common form of trucking job.

Why do truck drivers make so much?

Truck drivers get decent money because they spend long hours away from home, sometimes even days, if you want to get to the meat of the matter. When you’re asked to leave your family for extended periods of time, you ought to be compensated well. It’s a highly specialized expertise.

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