Accounting Supervisor Salary: Salaries In The United States Updated

Accounting Supervisor Salary: Salaries In The United States Updated
Accounting Supervisor Salary: Salaries In The United States Updated

The accounting supervisor salary is is dependent on several factors which like educational level, extra skills, experience in the field and certifications.

Before choosing a particular field of interest, it is very important for you to know the salary amount so you don’t end up settling for less.

This is why this article has been compiled with the updated information on accountants which includes the accounting supervisor salary, salary in the United States and other locations.

Whenever you’re trying to apply for a job as an accounting supervisor, in rare cases you might be asked to state your rate, it could be per hour, monthly, biweekly or even annually.

Either ways, it means it is very important for you to know the salary of an accounting supervisor so you don’t end up settling for less or stating a rate above the estimated salary which would not be pleasing to the organization.

Who Is An Accounting Supervisor?

An accounting supervisor is an individual who oversees all the activities within the accounting sector. They ensure that all financial transactions have been analyzed properly without errors and they oversee the financial status of an individual or a business.

Being an accounting supervisor is not an easy task as it requires a lot more than knowing what to do, experience and skills are also needed.

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What Do Accounting Supervisors Do?

They supervise all the accounting staffs in all the days operation of different accounting functions which includes, received account, maintenance of ledger, payable accounts, assets supervision, and revenue.

Their role also include supervision, posting, calculating and verification of all the financial dataas well as analyzing and reporting which is used in maintaining the statistical and accounting records.

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What Is Accounting Supervisor Salary?

The salary of an accounting supervisor in the United States is $95,837 per year but the typical range of the salary earned falls between $70,613 to $100,283.

The salary range is this way as it is dependent on most factors which includes education level, extra skills, experience in the field and certifications.


Factors That Influence Accounting Supervisor Salary

There are some necessary factors that influences the salary of an accounting supervisor so as you keep reading, you’ll have a more clearer insight on how these factors influence the salary of an accounting supervisor.


The number of years of experience of a person is what influences the salary earned by that person and as a matter of fact, the increase in your salary also depends on the level of your experience.

I’ll give you a hint, to earn more just know that the more years you work as one, the more you should expect earn a higher pay. So according to the national compensation statistics, below is the salary earned according to each year of experience.

  • Less than a year – $48,545
  • From 1 to 4 years – $60,099
  • From 5 to 9years – $72,999
  • From 10 to 19years – $90,952
  • From 20+ years – $100,640


Apparently, the area you want to work as an accounting supervisor can also influence the salary earned.

If you’ve noticed, working as a regular employee is a different job at a metropolitan area earns you a higher salary compared to working as one in a local area.

The same is correlated to working as an accounting supervisor and it applies to a higher cost of living too.


Apart from having intellectual knowledge on how to be a accounting supervisor, the skills are just as important as it is.

This is why it influences the salary earned because you can’t expect someone who knows nothing about the auditing skill to earn the same amount as someone who does and also know how to use historical data to make a prediction about the financial needs that might arise in the future.

Educational level

Another factor that influences the salary of an accounting supervisor is the educational level. Just as the level of experience influences the pay, the same applies to the educational level.

This is why it is always advisable to acquire all the necessary degrees you know you can before seeking out to work as an accounting supervisor as it plays a major role in terms of having an impact in the salary earned.


What Is Accounting Supervisor Salary In Los Angeles?

As indicated above, your location plays a major role in determining the salary you’ll earn as an accounting supervisor.

In Los Angeles, am average accounting supervisorearns about $102,735 but that doesn’t apply to all who decides to work as one in that location. However, the typical amount falls between the range of $90,040 and $102,735.

The salary is between that range as there are some factors that determine the salary earned by a particular individual who is even if you go to work as an accounting supervisor in Los Angeles, you’ll find yourself earning more than some persons or less than them.

These factors include educational level, extra skills and the years of experience you’ve had working as an accounting supervisor either in that firm or another firm.


What Is The Average Salary Accounting Supervisor?

As of 2022, the average salary of an accounting supervisor is $70,612. This is the amount an accounting supervisor earns annually and just Incase you need to the calculate the amount, this salary is equivalent to $30.42 per hour and this is approximately $1,328 per week and $5,881 per month.

While you might find some higher amount earned by an Average accounting supervisor in some websites, it could be due to the difference in firm and organizations.

 But you must know that the average salary range of an accounting supervisor greatly differs as this means that there are different opportunities for an increased pay according to the location, level of skill acquired and number of years of experience.

Cost Accounting Supervisor Salary

A cost accounting supervisor is almost the same as an accounting supervisor as there’s just a slight difference between them.

They oversee the analysis and all the preparations of the cost audits and the reports of cost. The cost accounting supervisor also looks out for costs and examines those costs that are inconsistent with values that are projected.

The salary of the cost accounting supervisor is $99,178 but it typically falls between the range of $89,262 and $113,292 annually.

The salary range implies that all cost accounting supervisors do not earn the exact same amount but it lies between the range and that is because of the difference in the educational level, additional skills, the certifications and level of experience.

Apart from the amount stated above, there are still some extra cash earned that are not attached to the salary such as compensations and tips.

How To Increase Your Salary As An Accounting Supervisor

It is assumed that you know the amount earned by an accounting supervisor but if you want a higher pay and even though the salary cannot be increased by you alone, you can also play your own part with the aim of receiving a higher wage by using any of the methods described below.

Improve your skills

A skill is one of the factors that determine the pay of am accounting supervisor. However, if you need a position where you’ll earn a higher pay, you can try improving in your skills.

The skills needed in this field includes auditing skill, the ability ofdeveloping and maintaining budgets, timely financial reporting, data forecasting and preparation of tax.

Career development

To increase your pay or if you want to paid according to your worth, you should be willing to be proactive about seeking regular feedbacks from your manager.

This will be help you know the areas where you’re not performing well in that needs improvement to create the chance for you to showcase your worth and the value you bring to the organization.

Acquire more tasks

Another way to increase your pay is to take on more tasks while you are at work. Once you have what it takes to take on more responsibilities, it will stand as a proof to your boss that you’re worth more than the pay and you deserve more, hence increasing your chance of receiving a higher pay.


The responsibility that comes with being an accounting supervisor requires a whole lot more than acquiring a degree which is why it seems in the field of finance, they earn more than others in the same field. Everything you need to know about an accounting supervisor salary has been carefully compiled into this article including the variety of factors that influences it.

Accounting Supervisor Salary FAQs

What Does An Accounting Supervisor Do?

An accounting supervisor is one that oversees all the activities of collecting financial data, auditing and maintenance of the statistical data.

What Are The Top 5 Highest City With A Great Pay For An Accounting Supervisor?

  1. New York City: $100,758
  2. San Francisco: $96,345
  3. Washington DC: $93,429
  4. Boston: $86,433
  5. Denver: $84,489

What Is The Average Base Salary Of An Accounting Supervisor In California?

The average base salary of an accounting supervisor in California is $102,735 but it ranges from $90,000 to $115,735 annually.


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