Great Florida Insurance: Company Profile & Review

Great Florida Insurance company

Great Florida Insurance company is an insurance broker that represents several firms and agencies in the state of Florida. This Great Florida review covers the GreatFlorida Insurance company profile, and their auto and home insurance offerings.holdbarhet nespresso kapsler
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Also, this review covers other products the insurance company offers as well as everything else you need to know about the company.

Great Florida Insurance

GreatFlorida Insurance is an insurance broker representing multiple companies. In other words, it is a network of independent, franchised insurance agents in Florida. It has 130 locations across Florida and has developed business ties with the local and international “A” rated insurance providers in Florida.

Great Florida Insurance Company Profile

GreatFlorida Insurance was established in 1991 in Florida. It is a small insurance company with 112 employees and a $5.2 million yearly revenue. It employs local agents familiar with the specifics of certain areas in Florida and have them provide one-on-one customer service to the needs of the residents.

GreatFlorida can be a great choice for homeowners and drivers in Florida. They help people find great insurance coverage for their home, apartment, car, motorcycle, and more, at affordable rates and with 24/7 customer support.

The company has been saving customers across Florida money on Home & Auto Insurance. We are also your one-stop shopping source for boat, RV, or motorcycle coverage. No matter what your situation, call or stop by one of our 130 locations.

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Great Florida Insurance Coverage Options

  • Property Damage Liability Coverage: covers the expenses incurred as a result of damage to another’s property.
  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage: provides coverage for the damages in the event that the insured is found to be responsible for the harm or death of another person.
  • Medical Expenses: covers medical costs associated with injuries to the covered vehicle’s driver or passengers.
  • Under-insured And Uninsured Motorist Coverage:  covers medical costs brought on by a different motorist whose insurance is insufficient to pay for all harm.
  • Collision Coverage:  covers the cost of damage to the covered vehicle in an accident for which the driver was at fault.
  • Comprehensive Coverage:  covers costs incurred by harm to the insured automobile caused by anything other than an accident. This includes burglary, extreme weather, fallen tree branches, etc.

Great Florida Pros and Cons


  • There are local agents throughout Florida: GreatFlorida agents are available in 130 different locations in Florida.
  • The services at affordable rates: GreatFlorida Insurance offers car insurance at below-average rates.
  • There is 24/7 Customer Support: Even on weekends and public holidays, customer service is offered round-the-clock.


  • GreatFlorida Insurance company is only available in Florida.


Great Florida Car Insurance

To iterate, GreatFlorida auto insurance is only available in Florida, and even while GreatFlorida partners with a number of regional or global underwriting companies, it may be an excellent option for drivers who want to support a company that was established in the state and those who like to deal with independent, local agents.

GreatFlorida offers auto insurance from a variety of underwriting firms. Your insurance policy will be insured by a different insurance company that GreatFlorida sells goods for rather than by the insurance company itself. Some of the mentioned insurance companies, like Progressive and Travelers, are among the best ones out there for vehicle insurance. The sorts of coverage that are offered may change according to the provider you select.

Great Florida Car Insurance Discounts

The discounts you can get will vary depending on the auto insurance provider you select. For instance, Dairyland does not provide a student discount, although Kemper does. However, working with an independent GreatFlorida agent could enable an insurance expert to evaluate your particular situation and select a company that offers the greatest potential for savings for you, allowing you to reduce your car insurance premium or locate the most affordable car insurance provider for your needs.

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Great Florida Home Insurance

Due to the state’s high cost of living, high risk of natural catastrophes (and therefore, property damage), as well as municipal rules and regulations controlling insurance, the Florida home insurance market is infamously complicated.

If you live in Florida and want advice from a local insurance professional to help you get the best house insurance, GreatFlorida could be a nice option. It has 130 local agencies, so residents in many regions of the state will be able to find an agent locally.

The businesses that provide GreatFlorida’s house insurance are as varied as those that provide its vehicle insurance. As a result, each carrier will provide a different range of coverage options and endorsements, as well as different third-party ratings like AM Best or Standard & Poor’s (S&P) financial strength ratings.

You could still discover a solid fit for your particular Florida house insurance needs even though none of the providers are on our list of the top home insurance companies. The coverage types and endorsements will vary depending on the specific provider you pick, just as with vehicle insurance.

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Great Florida Home Insurance Discounts

Depending on the provider you select, you can add different house insurance savings to your coverage. You might find it helpful to pick a business with the biggest savings for your situation by speaking with a GreatFlorida representative.

Great Florida Insurance Company Overview

Website: GreatFlorida Website

Industry: Insurance

Company size: 201-500 employees

Headquarters: Stuart, FL

Founded: 1991

Specialties: Homeowners insurance, motorcycle insurance, auto insurance, renters insurance, boat insurance, commercial insurance in Florida, flood insurance, umbrella insurance, and insurance franchise.

EVIDENCE OF INSURABILITY: Evidence for life insurance


Here is all that there is to know about the insurance company. We hope you found this GreatFlorida Insurance company review helpful.

FAQs Great Florida Insurance

Who is the largest insurance company in Florida?

Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

How many insurance agencies are in Florida?

With 2498 independent agencies in Florida, you can be confident that the agents we propose to you will provide you with more alternatives, a better deal, and local service.

How much is commercial auto insurance in Florida?

$142 per month

On average, commercial vehicle insurance costs $142 a month.

Can you register a car without insurance in Florida?

In Florida, it is illegal to register a vehicle without insurance. When registering, you must present proof of insurance. You must carry $10,000 in liability coverage for property damage and $10,000 in bodily injury liability coverage, up to $20,000 per accident, in Florida.


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