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Hammer Insurance Agency is an insurance company that has been providing Perry Hall area insurance coverage since 1985.

Hammer Insurance has experienced staff ready to help you choose the best insurance coverage for your specific needs and at the most competitive prices.  Hammer Insurance provides personal and commercial business insurance, specializing in surety bonds and employee compensation. 

Why Hammer Insurance Agency?

Personal hammer insurance policyholders can take advantage of more than 30 additional car insurance policy features and numerous discounts available through the agency, and can expect staff to adjust the policy to suit your needs. 

Business owners can also find a helping hand at Hammer Insurance Agency Inc.  Let the experienced insurance staff of the agency help you understand the complexities of business insurance, including compensation of employees.  Contact them today to review your insurance needs or get an offer for you.

How Does Hammer Insurance Agency Work?

The Hammer Insurance Commission system allows you to train your agents in ways to improve sales quality and generate more revenue while serving the interests of our customers. 

Procedures are not just a set of rules that agents must follow; they are also taught and substantiated everywhere so that all sales staff work with the same understanding and purpose.

How Is Hammer Insurance Different From Other Agencies?

The Hammer Insurance Data Analysis team provides ongoing detailed information on the quality and volume for the team you work in, as well as production data generated by each individual agent, these parameters make goal setting the easiest and most important aspect of your success.

  The human resources department is constantly evolving to provide the best working environment for its employees. The owners of the Hammer insurance agency take part in everyday events, providing from practical trainings, opportunities for growth and strategy development to social events and family walks.

How Can I Make Payments Online On Hammer Insurance?

Hammer Insurance Customer Support is ready to help you by phone, however, if you are comfortable paying your bill during non-business hours, you can be sure to pay online.

When making a one-time online payment, keep in mind that credit card and current account charges may be processed and posted to your account within two days.

Online Payment Tips

  • Full payment of the policy saves a monthly amount, in some cases up to 15 US dollars.
  • Enjoy time-saving convenience with automatic payment security control, which ensures that all your payments are made on time.
  • Avoid late fees.  Bills are paid before midnight and are recorded as “12:00”, which means that it is the morning at the beginning of the day.  Payments must be made at least the day before.
  • After confirming the one-time payment, a confirmation number will be provided.

What Is A Hammer Clause?

Hammer clause is a provision in the insurance policy that allows the insurance company to force you to settle a claim when the injured party claims compensation from you.  If you choose not to accept the settlement, you are responsible for the legal costs associated with that decision.

Although you can find warnings with a hammer in any type of insurance policy, they are most common in professional liability policies, also known as insurance against errors and omissions, which cover cases of professional negligence, deception and bad advice.  Learn more about this situation and how it may affect you.

How Does Hammer Clause Work?

If you have a hammer clause in your insurance policy, you give the insurance company a little more control over the outcome of the claims against you.  Without warning about the hammer, your insurance company must respect your decision to continue the fight.

With the hammer clause, the insurer has the right to force you to accept the settlement, even if you do not like it.  The insurance company can press the hammer against you, figuratively speaking, putting you at all financial risk of continuing the lawsuit.

To prevent this, always read the details of your insurance policy and review it regularly.  If there is a strict warning about the hammer and you do not like its wording, look for another policy that contains provisions for the soft hammer or none at all.

Hammer Clause  Example

Let’s say you have been sued for wrongdoing and your lawsuit is $ 200,000.  You consider the lawsuit frivolous and want to get rid of it in court.  You start a lawsuit and quickly save $ 40,000 in legal costs.

The plaintiff then offers to pay $ 100,000, and your insurer is willing to agree.  However, you do not want to put up with it, because you think the lawsuit is meaningless, so you decided to continue the fight.

If there is no hammer clause in your professional indemnity insurance policy, your insurance company must continue to fight on your behalf.  However, if there is a hammer clause in the policy, the insurer may have the right to limit its liability to $ 140,000 ($ 40,000 in legal costs and $ 100,000 in settlement proposals).

Once the insurer uses the hammer warning, you have a choice: agree to a settlement or risk paying more out of pocket if you decide to fight?  If you choose not to reconcile because you believe you can win the lawsuit, you are responsible for any additional legal costs and any amount of the original settlement decision.


Hammer Insurance offers numerous discounts available through its external agencies.  Business owners can also get help from Hammer Insurance Agency.  The agency’s expert staff is focused on effectively providing the most useful insurance solutions for our clients through in-depth research, dedication and experience, along with a broad history of knowledge and innovation.

Unlike other companies, hammer insurance professionals are here to offer quality insurance statements and plans, as well as valuable advice and guidance. They have order for everyone.  Individuals and families can be reassured that we offer comprehensive personal insurance solutions.  From car insurance to a mortgage insurer and all the details somewhere in the middle, Hammer Insurance Agency is trying to satisfy 100% of customers.

Hammer Insurance FAQs

What Is Title Insurance Policy?

Title Insurance Policies mean, for each individual property, an ALTA mortgage insurance policy in a form acceptable to the Lender (or, if the individual property is located in a State that does not permit the issuance of such an ALTA policy, in a form permitted by such state and acceptable to the Lender), issued in respect of such individual property and mortgage collateral encumbrance on such individual property.

What Is Environmental Insurance Policy?

Environmental insurance policy In respect of any mortgaged or serviced REO property, any insurance policy covering pollution and / or other environmental conditions that is maintained from time to time in respect of such mortgaged or serviced property, as the case may be, in favor, inter alia, of the Trustee on behalf of the Certificate Holders.

What Is Hazard Insurance Policy?

Hazard Insurance Policy means, for each Contract, the Fire and Extended Coverage Insurance Policy (and the Federal Flood Insurance if the Factory Housing is protected by a FHA / VA contract and such Factory Housing is located in a federal designated flood protection area).

To be serviced  for the relevant Optional House, as provided in Section 5.09, and which, as set forth in Section 5.09, may be the general mortgage impairment policy maintained by the Service in accordance with the terms and conditions of Section 5.09.


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