UNDERWATER HOUSE: Best Tips For Building An Underwater House

UNDERWATER HOUSE: Best Tips For Building An Underwater House
UNDERWATER HOUSE: Best Tips For Building An Underwater House

Building an underwater house in Minecraft is not only a fun idea, but also quite complex.  Unlike building a base on earth, you have to face the Drowned Underwater, have slow movements and look for ways to breathe underwater for long periods of time.  In this article, we will show you how to build an underwater house in Minecraft.

The idea to build an underwater base in Minecraft is not only in aesthetics.  There are some strategic benefits we can’t ignore.  In most mobs, the speed of attack on the water is slow, they are protected from explosions, and you get a higher level of protection and concealment, in contrast to ground bases.

How To Build An Underwater House

Choose The Right Place

As in any home in Minecraft, players will have different ideas about where is good and where is not.  When choosing a place for an underwater house, you probably want somewhere relatively close to the ground – this facilitates the construction process – and somewhere with a beautiful view.

Coral biome is obviously a great choice if you are looking for a clean aesthetic, while near an island or coast is a good idea if you need a place that is easy to set up.  Since building an underwater house is probably not worth trying from the beginning of the game, you have a little more freedom when it comes to choosing the perfect place.

 Brew a potion for breathing

 Before you get your hands on powerful enchanted equipment, preparing a simple Water Breath Potion will make all the “underwater construction” much easier.  To make a potion, you will need two items (and of course a brewer’s stand): a Void wart and a fugu fish.  You can add one Redstone to make the potion last eight minutes.

 Empty wart is found throughout the Empty, although it is probably the most common in the Empty Fortress.  Blaises plant well there, managing small areas of the Void.  Fugu fish are easy to find while fishing, and if you have already spent some time fishing, you will have a ready stock.

 Spring Blocks And Sponges

 When building an underwater house in Minecraft, players will need to drain water from their structures.  The room will need to be emptied of water before it can be inhabited.

  In Minecraft, you can use two types of blocks to drain water.  The first type refers to source or command blocks, such as dirt, sand or gravel.  If you place it and raise it in a 1×1 zone, it will remove water from that zone.  The second refers to sponges that absorb a large amount of water at once.


 Make Your Home Amazing

 Now your home is set up underwater, and it’s time for it to look great.  You can use all sorts of things to decorate your home both inside and out.  Lianas can be placed underwater if you want your home to look more natural, and you can grow an entire kelp forest to keep your base hidden from other interesting players.

This part is entirely up to you.  Want to build a massive glass dome and cover it with seaweed and sand?  You can!  You can even drain the entire ocean monument and call it your home.

Underwater House Dubai

Over the past few years, underwater hotels have taken the tourism industry by storm.  These underwater homes are a luxurious and luxurious way to distract yourself from all this.

But what if instead of just staying in one of these apartments, you could live in one?  Although this futuristic concept may seem far-fetched, the Heart of Europe is making it a reality with its new underwater homes.

While these incredible upper tiers are stunning, it is the lower level of the villa that encourages us to pack our bags.  Immersed in water, this floor features walls made entirely of glass, which gives residents a rare view of the surrounding marine life, without leaving the bed or bath.

In addition to luxurious features and soothing and breathtaking views, each underwater home also boasts an environmentally friendly approach to energy.

List Of Real Underwater House

 Port Royal, Jamaica

 A powerful earthquake and tsunami on June 7 flooded the city of Port Royal and killed 2,000 people.  It was once called the worst city on earth because it was home to real pirates of the Caribbean, and the reason that flooding the city was considered an act of God. 

The city is now considered one of the best-preserved underwater cities in the world, with only a few items removed and housed in museums across Jamaica.  While here, you can scuba dive into the sunken city, obtaining the necessary permission from the authorities.

 Dwarka, India

The city of Dwarka, also known as the Gates of Paradise, was reportedly discovered in 1988, submerged about 100 feet below the Gulf of Cambodia.  Ancient buildings, nets, pillars and ancient artifacts were found under it. 

While some believe the city may be at least 10,000 years old, others believe the city will be 5,000 years old.  There are others who claim that the Sultan of Gujarat Mahmud Begada attacked the city in 1473 and destroyed the temple of Dwarka.

Bahia, Italy

It is believed that this flooded underwater city is a city where hedonistic Romans used to flock not to pirates; it was called Las Vegas of Ancient Rome.  Unfortunately, as in other cities, Bahia sank, probably due to active volcanic activity in the region. 


Reports indicate that most of the city lies at a depth of less than 20 feet, and about 2,000-year-old remains have been found underwater in near-perfect condition.

Pavlopetri, Greece

Archaeologists have estimated that Pavlopetri is about 5,000 years old.  Considered the oldest underwater city, Pavopetri was discovered in 1967, which seemed to be an ancient ruin. 

A study a year later revealed a plan of a prehistoric city believed to be Mycenaean, lying 3-12 feet below the Peloponnese. 

Referring to this, John Henderson of the University of Nottingham said: “This is a unique discovery in the sense that we found on the seabed almost a whole city with streets, buildings, gardens, tombs and what looks like a religious complex.

Underwater House FAQs

Can Humans Live Underwater?

Humans will never grow gills. However, they can live underwater without them. Technology makes new things possible every day. People are already riding in underwater tunnels. Some even live on submarines for a short period of time.

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 Let’s say you want to create any of these Minecraft underwater base ideas in your world of survival.  In this case, you may need to consider some obvious limitations during the construction process, such as reducing the movement of your character and the speed of retrieval – in addition to the obvious risk of drowning. 

Or you keep a close eye on your oxygen meter, place a tube nearby, use a water-breathing potion, or enchant any helmet with Breath to make your job a little easier!  Some of the enchanting armor of Aqua Affinity and Depth Strider are not strictly required, but they are very useful.


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