VIRTUAL OFFICE: Definition & How It Benefits Your Business

VIRTUAL OFFICE: Definition & How It Benefits Your Business
VIRTUAL OFFICE: Definition & How It Benefits Your Business

A Virtual offices allow you to increase productivity, reduce travel costs and flexibility.  Virtual offices also significantly reduce overhead and technology costs, making it a more cost-effective solution for today’s work.

Having a business address with a virtual office ensures that your brand maintains a reliable, professional and legitimate business image. Using a physical business address and business phone number on your business cards, websites, and emails increases trust in potential customers and clients, as opposed to viewing your mobile and home address. 

This will increase your professionalism and trust as a company and make you more accessible.

How Does A Virtual Office Work?

A virtual office uses a physical location that receives mail from you, and can serve as an official business address for your company.  This allows you to have a physical presence in any city without the high cost of renting office space. 

It provides everything you expect from a physical office – such as a business address and mail processing services.

What Is The Difference Between A Virtual And Traditional Office Setting?

The big difference is that you don’t pay for full-time office space.  Virtual offices allow businesses to create a commercial presence in a specific location, in a physical office building, but without the cost or obligation to maintain the workplace.

Is Virtual Office Cheap?

Virtual offices do not incur the cost of renting or buying a building, maintaining it with a cleaner and gardener, as well as providing furniture and cleaning for employees and customers.  It can also give companies access to better technology if they don’t have to pay for and support them, according to Instant Offices.

Labor costs such as insurance and taxes are also reduced because the virtual corporation can hire independent contractors instead of employees.  Companies can also attract talent from a wider range of applicants if they allow employees to work full-time or part-time from other cities, states or countries.

Features Of A Virtual Office

  • Remote registrar services: real-time registry service offers remote answering of calls, reception of messages and basic customer service.  Calls are answered in your company’s name, verified, forwarded, or sent by voicemail.
  • Digital Mail Service: Some virtual office centers provide a digital scanning service, so you can view a scanned copy of your mail before deciding whether to forward it or move it to the Trash.
  • Company number: As part of the virtual phone product, companies can choose a company number with a local or toll-free city code.
  • Business phone system: a cloud phone system with many functions, such as an answering machine, extensions, special greetings, subscriber menus, etc.

Why Use Of A Virtual Office?

  • Supports remote work: The virtual office is best for remote workers, as it does not automatically include access to the workspace on site (unless you choose a plan such as Platinum Plus).  It provides a location for the business while the team works where it is most productive.
  • Saves money: brick and mortar account for the lion’s share of office rent.  Once you remove this cost, other items that make up a virtual office will become much more affordable.  These services are provided to several customers, which further reduces the cost.
  • Builds credit: you can use the address of the virtual office to confirm the loan.  You can use it to open a bank account, apply for a business license, create a limited liability company and fulfill other requirements related to business growth.
  • Flexibility: More than ever, business leaders are aware of the need to act with dexterity.  The workplace is one of the biggest costs a company can incur, so have flexible access to the resources you need only when you need them.
  • Adds legitimacy: A commercially recognized address and even a prestigious address in an elite part of the city adds credibility to your business.
  • Customer service: Additional services, such as a receptionist, help brands create a positive impression of customers.  A friendly professional voice on the end of the phone can create a positive impression and lead to loyal customers.
  • Increases productivity: Virtual office users are not tied to office space and can work where they are most productive.  If you don’t have a maintenance office, you don’t have to worry about responsibilities or an administrator, such as building maintenance, insurance, cleaning, or other FM requirements.
  • Create a professional image: A virtual office helps your business look established, professional and even bigger than it really is.

How To Set Up A Virtual Office

Create your business plan

Once you have decided on the specific type of business you want to start, you should describe your plan in writing.  Your business plan should include a summary of your business, its mission and vision. 

It should also describe in detail the marketing and marketing strategies you will use. Make a plan for how you will hire your future employees and what to look for in them. 

Set a budget for the amount you can pay them and the hours you need. Remember that you still need to set your own business budget, even if you get a virtual office. 

Secure the necessary equipments

Remote workers need basic equipment to succeed.  Every remote worker needs a laptop so they can work from anywhere they can find an Internet connection.  Employees can easily transfer their computers to customer and employer sites, providing constant access to their software and files. 

Buy a laptop with enough memory and memory, a fast processor and a built-in camera to make sure you can easily run any part of your business. Remote workers depend on software for their work. 

As time goes on, developers fix bugs, improve security, and add features to their products, making new versions a necessity for people who want to maximize their productivity.

Choose the right tools for communication and collaboration

Remote workers should have access to tools for collaboration and communication that can optimize their workflow.  Recent project management trends include virtualization, digitization, and remote connections, so make sure you have the tools to help you keep up with the demands of your work. 

Key communications tools include an e-mail service provider, such as Outlook or Gmail, instant messaging, softphones, or IP phone terminals that work with your VoIP service provider, and web conferencing such as WebEx or GoTo Meeting.

Get an updated and optimized website

We have all heard that first impressions are key.  This is especially true of websites.  The average user takes 0.05 seconds to find out if they can trust your website and company.  This means that you want to make sure that potential customers see a professional and orderly web page. 

Take the time to sort and prioritize the key information your customers are looking for.  This can be your services, prices or even reviews of trusted customers. Remember that websites are not just information like the yellow pages of the past. 

They convey your company’s brand and general message.  Choose modern design options that invite users, focus on intuitive layouts that are easy to navigate.  The last thing you need is for a potential customer to be disoriented and out of your page.

Get the address of the virtual office

As a beginner, the last thing you want is to spend a significant portion of your finances on rent.  And it is not necessary. If you only need an official legal address for your virtual company, you can rent a virtual office. 

You will receive a prestigious London business address for a small fee.  Why pay more when you can get a cheap virtual office in the UK.

Invest in a virtual phone service

To ensure that you do not miss a single call (especially if you are asleep), use the virtual phone service.  This ensures that the telephone worker will always be present to answer calls.  You’ll also enjoy features such as call routing, call forwarding, caller ID, and button call.

The best solutions for a virtual phone also offer call forwarding features.  It “sends” calls to your office phone directly to your own number. 

You can set which specific numbers can be associated with your number.  In addition, the best providers of virtual office phones can even give you a special number 020. This is the main London number, which can further increase the legitimacy of your business.

Consider hiring a virtual assistant

You need to outsource virtual jobs for administrator tasks that can kill your productivity.  A virtual assistant can help with tasks such as managing social media and email.  They can also update your blog site and even keep accounts for you.

What Is Regus Virtual Office?

Regus Offers virtual offices around the world, but mostly provides places for work and meetings.  It is primarily a provider of business lounges and workplaces, whether entire offices, conference rooms or coworking spaces. 

They offer three different plans for addresses and virtual offices, usually from 46 euros per month. The business started in 1989 and now claims the title of the largest provider of flexible jobs in the world.   The company operates in 120 countries.

Regus Virtual Office offers you high-quality virtual services that allow you and your employer / employees to interact professionally with their customers from anywhere in the world. You may be abroad, say, in America, but your client is in the United Kingdom.

Regus Virtual Offices will provide you with an address in the UK, making it easier for you and your customers to communicate. Regus Virtual Office has several packages that give you the advantage of flexibility in choosing the right services.  These packages include:

  • Professional legal address of your company.  This is a good base, especially for future businesses.
  • Virtual offices let you create an instant presence wherever you need it.  Its features include thousands of seats, global business lounges and answering machine services.

What Is Opus Virtual Office?

Opus Virtual Offices provide complete office solutions, such as reception services, business email addresses, meeting places, and more.  The company was founded to offer virtual office services at a low price with more than 500 offices in the United States and Canada.

If you are looking to create a virtual office for your business, Opus Virtual Offices can provide you with the most complete program that will give your business a corporate professional image.  Opus Virtual is available in more than 500 locations in the United States. 

The Opus virtual office program offers the perfect solution for new companies that want to get all the resources that give them a professional image, and all at a very low price.  Opus’ Virtual Office is well suited for beginners, small businesses, home offices and satellite affiliates.  The Opus virtual office program was recognized as the best office center and was mentioned in the Wall Street Journal.

The biggest advantage of this program is that you can access the full range of basic Opus services for a fixed fee of $99. Customers who have subscribed to the 12-month Opus Virtual Office service receive one month free of charge. Opus Virtual is available in more than 500 locations in the United States.  For a fixed fee of $99 per month, customers have access to the full range of basic Opus virtual office services.

Virtual Office FAQs

Should I Go For A Virtual Office For My Business?

The answer is yes.  As the number of people working from home increases, so does the need to access a professional way to communicate with your employees or customers.

What Is A Virtual Office Space?

You work in the desired location – at home or remotely, and the virtual office service provider will perform all other tasks for your business.  From answering phone calls to helping arrange a meeting with investors, they will take care of everything.  Many virtual office service providers also provide additional services such as business consulting, finance, human resource management, marketing and more.

What Should I Look For In A Virtual Office Space?

Coworking meeting rooms are available by booking, and they can add a whole new professional approach to all your business meetings, team discussions and hiring.  It is always a good idea to check out this establishment, as it can raise the brand image among your stakeholders.

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The idea that the office is a specific place where our professional life takes place is becoming less universal and less important.  Nowadays, productive and progressive thinking can happen anywhere thanks to smarter mobile devices, faster network access and an increasing number of online tools. Recent surveys show that more than 60% of large companies now allow their employees to work from home. 

The reasons for this are various: from cheaper overheads to more productive workers.  In addition, over the years, the number of face-to-face meetings has dropped significantly in favor of technology, conference calls, and convenience.  The same technological advances have also allowed people to work remotely and at different times. Technology has made it easier to keep in touch with the office, managers and colleagues. 

Even people who work in the same office can still resort to telephone conferences instead of face-to-face meetings, as this is very convenient. Remote work also has a number of environmental benefits.  Companies no longer need to print documents and deliver them to the Inbox.  Instead, there is email, Dropbox and a number of other document sharing options.  Eliminating the need to travel to work also eliminates unnecessary stress and returns the time of the working day.

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