How To Draw Money: Drawing Money From an ATM

how to draw money

We all know and must have seen an ATM (Automated Teller Machine), but unfortunately, some people still do not know how to draw money. This article will highlight how to draw money from an ATM. So keep reading if you want to know how to draw money.

Not only can you use your debit card to purchase stuff online or from merchants, but you can also use it to withdraw money (using ATMs).

These machines can be seen in our streets and different banks, thanks to the digital age. Therefore, if you always need cash but don’t know how to draw money, do not fret as this promises to be a good read and serves you the purpose of knowing how to draw from an ATM.

What is an ATM?

An ATM (Automated Teller Machine), also known as a cash machine or ABM (Automated Bank Machine) is an electronic machine used to make bank transactions.

This machine allows customers to conveniently perform transactions like drawing cash, cash transfers, payment of utility bills, cash and checks deposit, etc using their credit/debit cards.

Additionally, fees are often charged when you draw cash from an ATM different from the bank of the account holder. However, these charges can be avoided by using the ATM managed by the bank of the account holder.

Types of ATM

There are two major types of ATMs namely; off-site ATMs, and on-site ATMs. Off-site ATMs are often stationed in places outside the bank’s environment, whereas on-site ATMs are machines that you can find within the bank’s environment.

Asides from the aforementioned, there are other types of ATMs classified according to their purpose. See them below:

  • Yellow Label ATMs. People use them for e-commerce transaction.
  • Pink Label ATMs. This type of ATM is made for women’s use alone.
  • White Label ATMs. Their ATM services are the most widespread and the Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) manage them.
  • Green Label ATMs. Green Label ATMs help speed up agricultural-related transactions.
  • Brown Label ATMs. These types of ATMs are often leased out but are not owned by any financial institution.
  • Orange Label ATMs. These ones carry out unique transactions involving buying and selling of shares.

How to Draw Money From an ATM: Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s a guide on how to draw money from an ATM.

Step 1: Insert your ATM Card

The first step in knowing how to draw money from an ATM is inserting your card. Put it inside the machine and slightly push it inside. After doing this, the machine will read your card and some information will display on the screen.

Step 2: Choose your language

Some language options will display on the screen. Choose your language from the displayed options.

Step 3: Enter your ATM pin

This is the most sensitive step. You will be required to enter your 4-digit ATM pin. So, type in your ATM pin using the keypad on the machine. While doing this make sure nobody sees your pin, you can do this by obstructing the keypad with your body while entering your pin.

Also, do not share your pin with anyone. And remember that your pin is sensitive, so if you put in the wrong pin over 3 times, your ATM card may be blocked.

Step 4: Choose the type of Transaction you want to Perform

After entering your pin, the next thing is to choose the type of transaction you want to perform. You’ll see a variety of options (balance inquiry, cash deposit, cash withdrawal, transfer, etc) displayed on the screen.

Then, you choose an option depending on the transaction you want to perform. But since we are talking about how to draw money from an ATM, choose the cash withdrawal option.

Step 5: Choose the Type of Account

The next thing you should do now is to choose the type of account. To do this, you will see a display of different accounts, choose your account type from there (savings or current).

However, you might also include a line of credit in your account (in an emergency where you need a lot of money) but this depends on the type of ATM.

Step 6: Type in the amount you want to withdraw

Enter the amount you want to withdraw and ensure the amount you’re entering is not greater than your account balance or else it will fail. After entering your withdrawal amount, press enter.

Step 7: Collect your money

Now collect your money. Your money will come out from the lower slot of the ATM.

Step 8: Take a Printed Receipt

After collecting your money, you will be asked if you want a receipt. Click yes if you want it, otherwise, decline.

Step 9: Another Transaction

Choose this option if you would want to perform another transaction.

Step 10: End your Transaction

At the end of your transaction, press the ‘cancel’ button or the cross sign on the ATM. Then it will bring out your card, collect it and leave.

How to Draw Money Bags

So, here I’ll be showing you how to draw money bags. If this is new to you, then keep reading closely for a step-by-step guide on how to draw a money bag. The money bag diagram can also be used for things other than money.

You only need to remove the dollar sign ($) in the drawing. Moreover, drawing a money bag is not difficult, so let’s get started.

Step 1: First, draw the base of the bag

If you’re learning how to draw money bags for the first time, start with the base. Using your pencil, draw the base of the bag (it should take the shape of a water drop). Draw it in such a way that the tip of the bag is open.

Step 2: Draw the twine

Now draw the twine at the tip of the money bag such that it fits perfectly. Draw them individually to overlap each other. Allow a small portion of the twine to bulge.

Step 3: Draw the topmost region of the bag

Complete the tip of the bag by drawing out the topmost region, it should have three huge folded layers. These folded layers are compressed as a result of the pressure of the twine on the bag.

So, draw the folded layers to spread out at the tip in a way that they appear smaller at the base and larger at the tip.

Step 4: Sketch the folds

Sketch some folds a little below the twine region.

Step 5: Sketch the dollar ($) sign on the money bag and darken the outlines

Simply sketch the dollar ($) sign at the middle of the bulgy bag. Then, darken the outlines of your drawing using a pencil, pen, or marker.

Step 6: Paint your money bag

Colors bring out the beauty in everything, that’s why you have to paint your money bag. So, paint your money bag using brown paint/color, and paint the dollar sign and rope using yellow color. But if this doesn’t suit you, be free to use any color of your choice.

Having read through the aforementioned steps, I’m sure you now know how to draw a money bag.

How To Draw Money Stack

Money is not just used as a currency alone, it is also used artistically. And money stacks are often used to denote wealth and are often associated with certain careers.

But wait! Wouldn’t you want to learn how to draw a money stack? If you would, then here’s a guideline on how to draw money. So, let’s delve in.

Step 1

First, get your drawing materials (pencil, drawing paper, and eraser). Then draw a slanting rectangle shape with round edges. This will be the dollar note that sits at the top of the money stack.

Step 2

Draw more dollar notes by sketching another slanting rectangle shape below the top dollar note. You can do this by drawing two horizontal short lines underneath the first rectangle. Then draw two parallel long lines to join the initial short lines.

Repeat this process to draw at least six dollars notes.

Step 3

The money band. The money band is used to jointly keep the money. Now sketch the money band by drawing two parallel lines over the dollar notes. Afterward, extend these lines sideways.

Step 4

Add another rectangle inside the dollar note that sits at the top of the money stack. Then draw another rectangle-like shape inside the initial rectangle. Start by drawing two equidistant lines which are not linked at the edges. But make sure the edges are bent beautifully.

Step 5

Next, draw the money sign ($) on the money band. But if you don’t know how to draw a money sign, don’t worry, continue reading.

Step 6

Lastly, paint your money stack. You can paint it with your desired color or with the green color, just like it is done in the U.S. Ta-da! Your money stack is ready. I believe you now know how to draw a money stack.

How To Draw Money Sign

Money as we all know has now become visual. And the visual representation of money is used for various purposes. Hence, learn how to draw a money sign probably for fun or artistic purposes. If this is your case, then follow the steps below to learn how to draw a money sign.

Step 1

Let’s begin with the first step on how to draw a money sign. First sketch four equidistant vertical lines, then begin to draw the top region of the “S” and a small part at the base making sure that it rests on the line.

Step 2

Continue by finishing up the sketch of ”S” both at the center and the base. Then make two projections at the top and base of the vertical lines.

Step 3

Lastly, complete your money sign by drawing a tip at the right top part and the left base of the “S”. You might want to add some design patterns on your dollar sign. Afterward, wipe out the guidelines.

And Voila! Your money sign is ready. I hope you enjoyed this guide on how to draw a money sign.

Bottom Line

You should boldly say you know how to draw money from an ATM after reading this article. Ensure you follow the steps as directed in this article and be very careful about your pin. I’m sure you’d be able to use the ATM without help the next time you want to withdraw money.

Frequently Asked Questions

I tried to withdraw money from the ATM but it didn't pay me. What should I do?

This could be due to a glitch by the ATM. However, try to take note of the place and time you attempted this withdrawal. Then, report to your bank.

Which side of the ATM card is inserted?

Insert your card into the ATM card slot with the chip area (facing upward) entering through the machine.

Is an ATM a card?

An ATM is a machine with which you can access cash (using your ATM card) and perform other transactions.

How can I get a bank POS machine?

You can get a bank POS from your bank, or any other financial institution issuing POS machines.

Can I make a cash deposit at the ATM?

Yes, you can make a cash deposit at the ATM. However, it is advisable to do this at the bank to avoid errors resulting from you or the machine.


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