Auto Money Title Loan | How Does It Work?

auto money title loan

If things would go as people planned them, no one would ever go through the rigorous process of borrowing so they could pay their bills, cover unexpected expenses or merge debts. Be it as it may, an Auto Money title loan is here to save your ass if you’re in dire need of quick cash.

To secure this auto title loan, you can use your vehicle title as security. Good thing is, that you can keep driving your car while making payments. However, if you do not keep your part of the bargain, the lender will take control of your vehicle.

Why Choose Auto Money Title Loan?

If not for anything, there is one reason you can choose auto money title loan over lenders and that is, providing you an alternative!

While other people feel they can’t help but sell their car in the face of a financial crisis, Auto money gives you quick cash while also allowing you to keep your vehicle to go where you need to.

How can I Get Auto Money Title Using My Car?

You could acquire an auto money loan by providing the title of your car as collateral. However, if you’ve had financial difficulties in the past and your credit isn’t as good as it could be, you could be concerned about your eligibility.

It is convenient because it doesn’t require you to present abstract documents. So, below is the list of what you should provide when getting an auto money title loan using your car.

  • A qualifying vehicle
  • A title to your car and in your name
  • A consistent source of revenue

It is expedient to note that the vehicle is the most important qualification criterion. It must have positive equity in order to be used to get the auto money you require. If your car is worth more than what you owe on it, you may still be eligible.

To assess the value of your car, you should expect some set of questions about the make, model, style, year, and current mileage.

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What Documents Do I Need to Get an Auto Money Title loan with my Car?

You may wonder what documents and information you will need to offer if you want to inquire about vehicle money in your state. You’ll need to prove your identification, residence, and the current condition of your car besides evidence of income.

Below are the documents you’ll need.

Title of Vehicle

The car title serves as evidence of ownership. You cannot sell or gain auto money if the car title is not currently in your name. However, you can easily seek a title transfer at your local Secretary of State or the Department of Motor Vehicles (“DMV”) site.

However, before going in person, check your state’s official website to double-check the paperwork you’ll need.

Proof of Address

You must present proof of residency in order to get an auto money title loan in your state. Because certain states limit the amount a person can borrow, your terms will be determined by where you live.

Identification Proof

Any financial loan requires proof of identification as a government-issued photo ID. For vehicle money, most consumers prefer to produce a state ID, driver’s license, or U.S. passport.

Car Condition Proof

The present condition of your car must be verified in order to get the auto money title loan. A potential borrower must typically drive to a physical location and have the vehicle evaluated by an agent.

Is it Necessary to have a Co-signer if I have a Bad Credit?

For getting loans, most people prefer a co-signer, and this is someone who signs a loan agreement with you and shares equal financial obligations. If you use a co-signer, remember they are financially responsible for repayment if you fall short on payments.

Also, if you have financial difficulties repaying the loan, the person’s credit score may drop and this will lead to undue stress and tarnishing of the connection existing between you both.

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What Can I Do with the Auto Money Title Loan I Receive?

I bet you didn’t know how important it is to ask if there are restrictions on what you can do with the auto money loan until you saw this. An auto money title loan allows drivers to get a fast cash loan in the most convenient way possible.

While you can’t plan for emergencies, you can prepare and auto money is here to make these easy for you.

These are what you can use the money for.

  • Rent or mortgage payment due this month
  • Paying for a minor automobile repair
  • Getting an attorney’s retainer fee
  • Managing the cost of a costly home repair
  • Making a deposit for a veterinarian treatment
  • Making a deposit for a veterinarian treatment
  • Paying a bill for a pending hospitalization.

Most importantly, the lender isn’t concerned about how you spend the money as long as you repay it according to the arrangement. Recall that flexibility is one of the numerous advantages of auto title loans.

Is there a Law that Regulates how much I can get from Auto Money Loan?

Some states have passed legislation establishing minimum and maximum loan amounts for auto title loans. these laws may affect the amount you’re eligible for if you live in one of these states.

In Illinois, you are eligible to get up to $4,000 or 50% of your monthly salary, whichever is lower. In Tennessee, the upper limit is significantly lower at $2,500. New Hampshire, on the other hand, has a $10,000 maximum cap.

But keep in mind that these regulations are only effective in few states.

How Long does it take to Get my Cash Loan?

Auto Money makes it simple to obtain the funds you require. In less than an hour, you might have a check in your hand. Make sure you have everything you need in order to speed up the procedure.


Here you have everything you need to know about auto money title loans and what you can do to expedite the process. Go through this article and fix your emergency bills with little worry.



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