BRAND DESIGN: Importance And How To Develop One

BRAND DESIGN: Importance And How To Develop One
BRAND DESIGN: Importance And How To Develop One

In the world today, one thing that really matters is how your brand design looks and how it also feels which makes it immediately recognized in a market with a really large landscape.

This is why you need to know more about brand design, the importance and how to develop one. You should know that brand design is more than having a pretty face even though having one is important.

One misconception people have is that brand designing costs a fortune but actually it doesn’t, it only depends on how you present your visual identity through brand design that makes it hard to ignore in the market.

 But to do this, you’ll need to know more about brand design like BD logo, clothing BD, BD website, and of course BD strategy. This article will provide you with the various information you’ll need concerning BD as well as good BD companies.

What Is Brand Design?

Brand design is referred to as the procedure of creating a visual identity that is easily recognized in the landscape of a crowded market.

It is more like creating a visual identity of a brand by crafting out design elements that are unified which includes colors, Logo, typography, photography, data visualization, Animation and motion, video and layout.

The unified elements are the major aspects of BD as they are more like the foundational elements that build up the identity of the brand.

The unified elements are what exist as a part of the visual identity of the brand which makes it very important for them to work together as a system.

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Visual Identity

Since the brand design’s visual identity is what makes up the brand, there is need for them to be positioned aesthetically due to the embodiment and personality. This is why proper research and the right brand design strategy is very effective in BD. .

Even if BD is executed effectively, the knowledge gotten from research and strategy are only visible in touch points like presentation, packaging, websites and even marketing.

This is why before diving into brand design, it is important for you to have all the elements in mind to know the right strategy to use.


Brand Design Elements

A very fundamental part of brand design is the crafting of the important BD elements which as you already know makes up the brand identity. Since these elements coexist as compositional of the visual identity of the brand, it’s important to allow these elements work together towards a common goal as a system.

  • Brand Logo

A brand logo is different from the regular logos. It comes in form of a wordmark, combination marking or even a conceptual marking but whichever form it comes, it is the stamp of a brand that is visible to the world. A logo has the ability to send the brand’s presence instantly to the world especially to those who experience it.

  • Typography

A typography is referred to as a typeface and font which is the unique element of design that when it is formed, it becomes a design system to itself. A typography is designed with creativity as the typeface alone brings a personality is distinct to the design of the brand.

  • Color

A color is just as important as the brand logo is to a BD. It is what gives a specific influence to the psychology of the target audience of the brand. One thing about colors in brand design is that you must understand that the influence is the key to getting the best out of colors in brand design.

  • Photography

Photography is another important element in BD as it includes image representations that uphold the brand’s personality and also the positioning of the brand. When a perfect image is created, it makes a great impact on the BD and it also says a lot about the content.

  • Video

This is one of the key elements in brand design as it introduces a compelling and strategic form of storytelling to your BD. I’ll tell you one hint, using video in brand design actually captures the attention of the member of an audience for a longer period of time than any other method.

Apart the ones mentioned above, there are also other key components of BD which is animation and motion that builds the motion of the brand and attracts attention, data visualization that illustrates complex data elements in form of charts and graphs, layout that organizes and positions the brand elements to give meaning and design to the brand.


Clothing Brand Design

After knowing about what brand design is all about, you can decide to opt in for a clothing brand design.

When creating a clothing brand design, you must have in mind that your brand is your public identity so this means your brand most comprise of the best attributes any brand company should possess. This says that any brand of clothes you choose to wear becomes a part of who you are and what you see.

How Do You Develop A Clothing Brand ?

  • Choose a perfect brand Logo for your clothing brand
  • Create a structure
  • Get the best out of the colors in your brand
  • Access your costs
  • Create a business card and a brand website
  • You must understand your target audience
  • Get extra knowledge from competitor clothing brand
  • Have a classy topography and a high end brand positioning
  • Build a presence by creating a brand website that truly defines your brand
  • Design and create your very first collection.

Creating a clothing brand design is really not hard as long as you fully understand what BD is then you really have no problem. You just have to follow the methods above and you also need to put in hard work and determination and you’re all done.

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Brand Design Website

The importance of a BD website cannot be overemphasized as it is one of the key elements that says to your potential audience on what your business is doing. Through a BD website, a viewer can get an opinion on what is seen so it really pays to impact a good option on a brand by using a smart website.

What It Takes To Create Brand Design Website

When creating a brand design website you must think of the attractive qualities of your brand that is unique to it and can actively represent your brand. So when creating a brand design website you just have all that it takes so below are what to consider when doing so;

  • You just have a smart design that gives a good first impression by crafting out information effective for your target market.
  • Your website must have an on page content with SEOkeywords that organizes your content for your brand.
  • You must be consistent in creating your brand identity which can be presented through a logo, layout, graphics and packaging.
  • Your content for the website must be easily understood by your audience to tell them the products and services offered by you.
  • You must have eye catching visuals makes your brand different from others.
  • Always look through your competitor brand design website to know more on design strategies that are trendy.
  • Your brand website must be easy to navigate and must not have too many options.
  • Your brand website designs must be compelling and uniquely made.

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Brand Design & Strategy

When it comes to creating a BD, you must follow the right strategy so your brand doesn’t end up a failure. Apart from knowing about the key elements, developing a strategy in a real life situation where the brand identity comes to life is by hard work and a result of well trodden process that are proven.

  • Conduct a proper research: This can be done by having insights from market research, internal research and audience research. You must know about the market and have a knowledge on what your customers really want as this will help you lay the foundation for a strategy to BD.
  • Have a well defined brand framework:This can be executed by developing a strategy by having a well defined framework that outlines the positioning of the brand like brand personality, brand compass etc.
  • Create your key elements: After developing the above, the next thing to do is to start designing the elements as it is the integral component to the unified system of your brand which is the brand identity.
  • Design your touch points: This includes your website and market collateral that brings your brand visual identity to life by using the design elements. This is the last method as here your key visual elements are unified creatively to talk about the brand strategically.


This is very important for every brand and creating a brand is not easy but it is also not hard as it all comes down to your determination and hard work. It is all about creating a kind of identity for your brand that fully defines your brand perfectly. So what are you waiting for? Start designing your brand today!


Brand Design FAQs

How To Create A Brand Design?

To create a BD you must conduct extensive research on your target audience, choose a niche and focus on it, choose a name, create the brand logo and create a business website.

What Is Re-Branding In Brand Design?

Branding in re-branding in brand design is changing how the brand looked before to a new look to change the view and perspective of how people view the brand.

How To Create A Logo For Brand?

You can do that by using a logo marker app by providing the name of the brand, choosing the style you need and selecting your font. An example of websites with good logos are Looks, Behance, Coursera and Fintech.

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Branding in re-branding in brand design is changing how the brand looked before to a new look to change the view and perspective of how people view the brand.

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You can do that by using a logo marker app by providing the name of the brand, choosing the style you need and selecting your font. An example of websites with good logos are Looks, Behance, Coursera and Fintech.

" } } ] }


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