Leading pet food brands are focusing on innovative products to meet the growing demand for healthy and nutritious pet food without additives. 

For example, they develop organic and natural products using high-quality ingredients that do not contain any preservatives, pesticides, fertilizers or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). 

Additionally, several key players are engaged in research and development (R&D) to introduce products specific to the age, size, and breed of pets. 

They are also introducing innovative packaging solutions, such as smaller single-use containers, to increase convenience for consumers. 

In addition, leading manufacturers are using online retail channels to expand their product reach and increase sales.

What Is Pet Food?

Pet food is special food made specifically for pets.  It is formulated using a variety of agricultural and feed ingredients such as meat, grains, grains, seafood, vegetables and meat offal to meet the nutritional needs of pets. 

In addition, it has gained immense popularity among pet parents because pet food is rich in essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals that aid in proper digestion, strengthen the immune system, strengthen bones and increase the lifespan of pets.

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What Are The Top Pet Food Brands?

Mars Petcare Inc.

Mars Petcare was first established as a dedicated subsidiary of Mars Inc.  for pets in 1935.  In 2019, they were the top-selling pet food manufacturer, with a whopping $18 billion market cap. 

Looking at some of the big names they own, it’s easy to see how they make so much money.  Pet food giants such as ROYAL CANIN, WHISKAS and PEDIGREE are all under the Mars Petcare umbrella.

Nestle Purina PetCare

In 2019, Nestle Purina Petcare, with sales of $14 billion in the US market, became the second largest pet food company in America.  They have a serious number of employees, the total number of which exceeds 18,000 people. 

They have 400 scientists and nutritionists working together to create science-based pet food formulas.  All Purina brands such as One, Alpo, Pro Plan, Friskies, Bakers, Beneful, etc. are Nestle Purina Petcare brands.

JM Smucker

The third position on this list would belong to Big Heart Pet Brands in 2017.  But today, JM Smucker absorbed that company, greatly expanding their pet holdings in the process. 

You will recognize many names under their banner, including such heavy hitters as Gravy Train, 9Lives, Kibbles ‘n Bits, Milk-Bone, Nature’s Balance and Rachael Ray Nutrish.

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Hill’s Pet Nutrition 

Hill’s manufactures a wide range of pet foods, including the Prescription Diet and Science Diet lines.  The Prescription Diet line consists of specialty foods developed by scientists and veterinarians to help pets with very specific diseases and health problems that require special nutrition. 

The Science Diet line is dedicated to helping other pets live their best lives in excellent health.  In 2018, Hill’s Pet Nutrition had sales of over $2 billion in the US market.

Diamond Pet Foods

Diamond Pet Foods is worth approximately $1.5 billion annually, making it the fifth largest pet food brand in the United States. 

They are known for such high quality foods as Taste of the Wild, NutraGold, Diamond Performance and Diamond Naturals.  They offer both wet and dry dog ​​food, as well as treats.  Diamond Pet Foods is owned by Schell & Kampeter Inc.

Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo sells an all-natural pet food that is marketed as a healthier option compared to other commercial dog foods.  They bring in over $1 billion annually, and in 2018 they were the latest brand to reach this financial milestone. 

They offer a variety of nutritional products including Life Defense Formula, Wilderness Formula, Grain Free Freedom and Limited Ingredient Diet.


Spectrum Brands / United Pet Group 

With US sales of $820 million in 2018, Spectrum Brands falls short of the $1 billion mark, but they are certainly still a major player in the pet food industry. 

You’ve definitely heard of some of the brands they own, like Nature’s Miracle and Wild Harvest.  They even own Iams, but only the European branch.  Mars Petfood Inc. owns all other divisions of the brand.


With brands like Holistic Select, Wellness and Old Mother Hubbard, WellPet managed to generate $700 million in pet food sales in 2018. 

While they may only be eighth in total pet food sales, they are number one in independent pet food sales specialized channel for animals. 

Merrick Pet Care

Merrick Pet Care is a well-known name in pet stores in the US, and they’re still growing.  They offer a wide range of dog and cat foods including grain free recipes and much more. 

focus on creating healthy recipes made with premium ingredients to help your pet achieve and maintain optimal health.

Central Garden & Pet

AvoDerm and Pinnacle pet foods earn Central Garden and Pet enough to bring them nearly $400 million in revenue in 2018.  They offer a wide range of dog and cat foods, including wet and dry recipes, grain-free mixes, and much more.

American Nutrition

In 2018, American Nutrition managed to capture $380 billion in the pet food market.  That was enough to attract the attention of another major pet food manufacturer, C.J.  Foods, which acquired American Nutrition.  This deal was completed in 2020 and the two brands merged to create the new ALPHIA brand.

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Diamond Pet Food Brands

Diamond dog food specializes in nutrient-dense formulas that contain healthy levels of protein, fiber, fat and probiotics to support pet growth, energy and digestive health. 

Diamond dog food is made with ingredients such as beef, pork, chicken and salmon that contain high levels of protein, and the company offers special recipes for dogs of all sizes and every stage of a pet’s life.

Diamond Dog Food creates nutrient-dense pet foods designed for pets at all life stages.  The company works to keep prices low by offering high-quality ingredients.  Diamond conducts regular, rigorous quality tests at its facilities to ensure that products are safe for consumption by pets.

Its product lines include Diamond, Diamond Naturals, Diamond CARE and Diamond Pro89.  Pro89 is rich in proteins and amino acids from grain, pork and beef, and also contains glucosamine and chondroitin. 

Diamond CARE is a line of four specialized diets for sensitive skin, kidney formula, sensitive stomach or weight control.


Mars Pet Food Brands

Mars is the fifth largest privately held company in the United States.  Historically better known for their confectionary products, their vast range of pet foods is one of the most important sectors of the market worldwide.

Mars Petcare’s impact not only on the pet food industry, but also on the veterinary industry should not be underestimated. 

In a world where “science” is easily controlled to influence product sales, you can easily ask whether Mars Petcare University, university sponsorship or ownership of veterinary practices is an obvious conflict of interest.  You might be surprised how many well-known pet food brands Mars Petcare carries.


Pets are loyal, compassionate, perceptive and intelligent, so we should take care of them with all our hearts.  The pet food industry is booming day and night as several brands have been launched to create foods with special ingredients and enough nutritional value to keep our pets healthy and fit.

Leading pet food manufacturers are taking advantage of the emotional connection between pets and their owners to increase their market share.  Since pets are considered part of the family, people are willing to shell out considerable sums of money to offer their pets the best quality food.  This has driven demand for different tastes and smells to demand for different breeds and types of pets.

Pet Food Brands FAQs

Is Pet Food Industry Profitable?

The production of pet food is one of the most profitable industries in the world.  Due to the increasing demand for quality and nutritious pet food, pet food manufacturers are becoming the center of attention.

Is Pet Food Industry Lucerative?

The global pet food industry is growing elliptically, with the top 10 pet food manufacturers on the planet ruling the market.  Over the years, the expansion of urbanization has encouraged the development of new family forms, such as the separate family or the microfamily.

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The global pet food industry is growing elliptically, with the top 10 pet food manufacturers on the planet ruling the market.  Over the years, the expansion of urbanization has encouraged the development of new family forms, such as the separate family or the microfamily.

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